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My first figure competition... pics and thoughts...

So Saturday was my first ever figure competition. I entered two different divisions --figure open (all ages) which was divided into two categories... tall and short (I was in the tall)... and master's figure which is for women over 35. I got 3rd place in figure tall and 3rd place in the master's. I took home TWO trophies! I was thrilled to have placed at all so this was an exciting night for me.

The competition has two parts... the pre-judging which was at 9:00am and the evening show at 6:00pm. The pre-judging is where they determine the winners and the evening show is where they award the trophies. These were taken in our motel room after the pre-judging and before the night show...


When I got there the evening before I had to register and get measured for height. I also paid to have my spray tan done there at the show. This was done the night before and you couldn't take a bath or get wet. My makeup appointment was for 4:00am the next morning. The makeup artist did an exceptional job! After that we went to eat pancakes at IHOP and then I came back and did my own hair. Then it was time for the stage!

I was TERRIFIED up there... shaking like a leaf when I was doing my turns and poses. I was told after that I looked really relaxed so I must be a pretty good actress! LOL. Over all the experience was fun and exhilarating! I met some other competitors there who were just lovely people and I enjoyed talking to them in our waiting room off stage. 

So, overall it was a wonderful experience and I am definitely considering doing it again! The women that placed higher than me definitely had more muscle mass. My goal for now is to do a few more bulk/cut cycles before competing again. I was planning to do that anyway regardless if I ever hit the stage again or not. I don't know if I will compete again next year or in 2-3 years... I suppose it will just be whenever I feel ready!

For now, I'm going to try and maintain this level of leanness for a few more weeks... probably till the end of the summer. I will start bulking again in August! When I figure out what I'm going to do for my bulking routine I will post it here just to share.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I'm very appreciative of your support! The journey continues...

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dlangenfeld wrote 72 months ago:
Way to go!! Congratulations! You look great!!!
Generalle wrote 72 months ago:
you look awesome, and it must be so satisfying to have done so well for your first comp too. Well done!!
sarah44254 wrote 72 months ago:
The make up artist might be talented, but you are so beautiful it must be easy to keep you looking pretty in any kind of make up. :) I am so happy that you did this competition, and you rocked it!! Two awards on your first try, outstanding!
treatingmybodyright wrote 72 months ago:
So happy for you and so inspired by your commitment and dedication! Congrats on everything! (kellip)
DyanCB wrote 72 months ago:
Fantastic job - you look fantastic! My LOOOOONG term aspiration.
debussyschild wrote 72 months ago:
Beautiful!!! Love your choice of stage attire. You look great and good for you for going for it! That is one of my goals, too. You can only get better from here (and you've got an amazing start) so keep competing! Best of luck and thanks for posting :)
debussyschild wrote 72 months ago:
Add: I read over your places... 3rd in both categories your first time out?!?!?! FABULOUS!!!!! Congratulations!!!
AveryWays wrote 72 months ago:
Congratulations! Simply amazing :)
laddyboy wrote 72 months ago:
Wow, you look amazing. Congrats on placing.
NinjaMonkey201 wrote 72 months ago:
Congratulations! What an accomplishment! It takes a lot of dedication and hard work. I'm proud of you! A dear from of mine is working on her pro-card.
TrainLikeaBOSS wrote 72 months ago:
good Job! I'm an NPC Bodybuilder and I know exactly how you feel. keep up the good work and next year you will be better. You looked very good, but like you already said...more muscle is what is needed.
gemiwing wrote 72 months ago:
All your hard work is self-evident in the photos. What a great job you've done! Yes, there's always more to be done- isn't that what keeps us all going? :) BIG Congrats to you! It's not easy and you made it look easy-peasy.
QuestForFitness wrote 72 months ago:
i've always wanted to do this. i think that you are INCREDIBLE. 3rd place is unreal!
krissagray wrote 72 months ago:
You are my inspiration!
ImNotThatBob wrote 72 months ago:
Blazing trails as always!! Amazing Amazing Transformation!
bwyne03 wrote 72 months ago:
That's so amazing, congrats on the trophies and you look great :)
cindaboo1 wrote 72 months ago:
Great job!! You look great!!!
rachel5576 wrote 72 months ago:
Your hard work paid off! Congrats!
M77308 wrote 72 months ago:
You look amazing!! Great job on the trophies... Your hard work is worth it!! :)
momto1g1b wrote 72 months ago:
Congratulations!!!!! You are stunning!
mcottle292 wrote 72 months ago:
Congratulations! You look amazing.
idealbody wrote 72 months ago:
You rock! Steph!!!
lexagon wrote 70 months ago:
You look great Stephanie! Congrats on the trophies that is amazing! :)

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