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End-of-Bulk Pictures

Wow! I haven't updated this blog in forever. I think it's time I do that! :)

So I bulked up to 153lbs giving me a total of 28lbs gained in 7 months. It's a little more than I intended to gain but I'm certain I'm holding a LOT of fluid so we shall see! Here are the official end-of-bulk pictures....




This was back in February. I went to Disney for a week after I took these then I started cutting on February 18th, the Monday after I got back!

 Stay tuned for cutting progress in the next post!  

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juliemouse83 wrote 69 months ago:
Girl, you are looking good! Can't wait for the next installment!!!
mowree wrote 69 months ago:
Wow! You still look awesome to me. I love your tiny waist and flat stomach! Can't wait to see the end of your cut! Thanks for sharing!
vampvegan wrote 69 months ago:
wow! thats a lotta hard work!
girlz4god wrote 69 months ago:
You look fabulous! Noticed your shirt...I'm a UL Lafayette graduate:-)
Barribomb wrote 69 months ago:
Looking awesome, bulk motivation for sure!

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