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Checking in...

Hey yall! It's been a while so I thought I'd update my progress! So I did the competition back in June and since then I gained about 5lbs (at least that's what stuck after the cruise) and have pretty much maintained around 130lbs. I'm just so over tracking every calorie at this point that I'm not doing it for now. I'm just eating intuitively but still following IF. I am still planning to bulk but I want to wait until it cools off a bit more. All of my shorts are size 4 and given the amount of lean mass I was able to add to my glutes during the last bulk... they are already fitting quite snug. If I gain much more I won't have anything to wear!

So, I am not sure how I'm going to manage my nutrition during the bulk but I am thinking I'll just add breakfast back in. I will only need a few hundred extra calories so a protein shake or some oats in the morning would do it. As for my training, I just started a new routine... Layne Norton's PHAT... with my own modifications. For those not familiar with it:

I created these handy dandy reference tags with the complete training schedule to take with me to the gym. I love them! Yes I am a total gym nerd. 

So I'm still doing Zumba but have added some other activities here and there for cardio just for fun. I joined an gymnastics-for-grownups class. After 20 years I can still do flip-flops! Crazy huh! I've also been trying to bring the kids skating often. I love to skate... more like skate dance! LOL I get down on dem skates like nobody is watching... I love it! I even got some super cool skating attire... cuz I'm crazy like that! I wore my skate clothes to the gym the other day. The socks were a big hit! 
^^So that's what's going on with me! I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been here much nor have I been tracking. I will pick back up when I'm ready. Everyone needs a break from the food obsession. Breaks are good...

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taso42 wrote 70 months ago:
omg love the shorts and the socks!!!
CChandler81 wrote 70 months ago:
If you love skating so much, you should try roller derby!
tarynnmichelle wrote 70 months ago:
I love those gym tags! I'm so stealing that idea from you.
autumnjayne33 wrote 65 months ago:
Hi! I have no idea how else to contact you, but your transformations are inspiring! I would love advice, meal help, work out plans.. all of that if you are willing. I am 130 and fit but very little muscle tone and some excess baggage around my waist. I ultimately want to compete in a figure competition someday. If you could be any help at all please let me know by e-mailing me.

Thanks sooo much!

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