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Slow carbs? Low carbs? New goals.

Some reading on slow food and revised health pyramids:

Apparently Tim Ferris is all over the joint, contradicting himself left-right-and centre. He does seem to think 2 glasses of red wine per day is okay though, so he's got some sense. ;) The new pyramid seems to agree that 200 calories of splurging on junk or alcohol is ok. I can live with that. You can't be perfect all the time. A 200 calorie splurge per day is pretty big, really.

So, with all this information in my head, I'm considering the slow carb thing, the low carb thing and a number of other things. I was considering the gym, C25K, etc. etc. but I actually don't have time. Not until Blaise drinks from bottles and goes to creche, anyway. I find it hard enough to get time for a shower and my work.

I also recently made a deal with myself to be "good" during the week and take a break on the weekends. That didn't pan out. Also, since I eat at home pretty much all the time, the only "bad" things I do are to get hungry (thanks to breastfeeding) and eat everything I can see until I'm not hungry any more, plus I do like my wine. So, I'm thinking of mixing this in with some Tim Ferris ideas and some new pyramid thoughts. Problem is, I don't like eating meat much. This doesn't help AT ALL. Tim Ferris's thoughts are really anti-milk too, as well as anti-carb. This is very limiting. Though the pyramid seems to think 2-4 servings of carbs are okay. I tend to agree - you do need some. I tend to feel that cutting out any one item from your diet is wrong and will lead to disaster.

I also have a sandwich-loving husband, a pasta-loving toddler and a fantastic bakery (or 12) nearby. Not helping. I do love eggs and vegetables though. And legumes. I just somehow have to wrangle this into meals that fit my goals, that I can also feed to the family. We also alternate vegetarian nights and meat nights. Tricky.

Tim Ferris's ideas of alternating days of food limiting and not seem useful. I can do that more casually though. If I splurge a bit one day I'll be good the next.

As for exercise, I have bought kid seats for our bikes and I intend to use them, I want to make sure we get out of the house every day, even in the cold, dark days of winter, and I want to do something every day to get my heart rate up for a while, like skipping. I can actually do this indoors.

I think some new goals are in order:

  • One glass of wine per day at most unless it's a weekend.
  • Always keep boiled eggs in the fridge for starving snack moments. Bananas too. Avoid any snacks in packets unless absolutely desperate.
  • Drink tea instead of coffee (I have very little milk in tea).
  • Eggs & spinach for breakfast as often as possible. Try again for lunch if I didn't manage it for breakfast.
  • On sandwich lunch days, I'll eat only one small sandwich and have lots of tuna & salad.
  • If I screw up, I will try to be very good the next day.
  • I'll continue to make the meals our family loves for dinner, but I'll personally eat less of the rice, pasta and potatoes. I'll eat more of the other veggies and meat.
  • I might try harder to do the French thing of always having a soup or salad entrée before each meal.
  • 5 minutes of skipping per day (or dancing with Gwen - I don't want her to see me skipping inside!)
  • Family walk every day no matter what.
  • More bike rides when possible.

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