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So, after a few set backs (aka injuries -mostly of the clutzy variety),  I got back at it. I found that 3 weeks of no running really dented my 5K! I cannot run a 5K! I can run a mile with effort, walk, run a half mile, walk, run a half mile, walk. That's about it. The lungs and the legs forgot what we learned!!

I started back to 5K training on January 2nd and am using the bridge to 10k Trainer, finishing the week 5 tonight. It was a challenge to run 22 minutes straight... and I am as slow as ever! But I did it! So onward 10K! My first 10K will be either March 2 or March 9th. Haven't finalized which race I want to be in. I have skipped days here and there and will continue to do so if I feel I am not challenged enough by them, but even doing that, I will not have time to complete this 10K Trainer by those race dates. Still going to do it though! If I have to walk it, I walk it. But one way or another, I WILL be crossing the finish line!

Fixin' to turn 40!

So, the BIG 4-0 is three weeks away. I never imagined being in my forties! Hahaha! I am not at my goal, but I am at peace. Mostly because I am healthier than I have been in the last 5 years! And because I am STILL moving forward! So, this forty thing... I am looking forward to it. Bring it on. Bring it on! I have a lot of living I want to do!
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