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Getting back at it

I have been binge eating again... Saturday is my weigh-in... I will NOT skip it. I need to know. Need to be accountable. So NOT HAPPY with myself for doing it but ... it is what it is. I will do better!

Today, my FOOD GOAL is to eat No Sugar and my EXERCISE GOAL is to walk/run 7 miles. I am off from work, there is no reason I can't meet these. For the rest of the week, I will stick with the NO SUGAR goal. I am addicted, I have PCOS and there is no way any carb, esp sugar will ever be my friend. I live in daily recovery from this! I will run on Tues, Thurs and in my Komen 5K on Saturday. Weather and time permitting, I will try to squeeze in 1 mile walks while on lunch at work on Wednesday and Friday.

I am proud of me for keeping with my running. Today, was the first day the temperature was around freezing. Running is definitely a whole new game in the cold. I am not going to give up. I have at least four 5Ks scheduled between now and the first of December. I am going to learn to adapt!

I have a weight goal for January 1st that I am going to work my hardest at to reach! I know I can do this!


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