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LAB Update

Drawn on 7/11/12, my HgbA1C result was 5.1!!! Great! Really happy to be staving off the Diabetes!

My lipid panel came back awesome too, except.... HDL is low! It was 37. :( I  am really bummed about that because I was hoping my consistent exercise would raise it but instead it is actually 2 points lower. My ratio is good so I am not sweating it too much. The big things to do to boost it are 1) 3cups of oj per day (not going to happen!) 2) eat foods on the lower end of the glycemic scale (i do try to do that already!) 3) Replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats (I do this too) 4) Eat soy (i just don't want to do that on a consistent basis) 5) Alcohol in moderation (I drink NO alcohol) 6) 30 minutes aerobic exercise on most days of the week (got that covered two fold) 7) Now smoking (I DO NOT SMOKE) and 8) Lose weight (I have been doing this consistently since February).

Going to keep on it to be as healthy as I can be!!

That was then... this is now

I am trying my hardest to stay healthy this week. I have been on the run from before sun up to well past sun down. Dealing with sickness and death in the family is a trial and I am beginning to feel so worn down. Not sleeping. Making more unwise food choices than usual. Holding off on exercise til the end of the day -like just before midnight, hence I am still up at almost 1am when I have church, a party and seeing my Dad on my agenda for tomorrow.

I am in 2 fitness challenges, 100 Miles in July and Six Weeks to Sizzling. And today, I did not meet 2 of my 4 daily goals. But I am not going to give up. That was the old me. The new me takes sadness and grief and frustration in stride and does not allow it to cause me to jump off my healthy living wagon -completely, that is. This week I am hitting some potholes in that road but I am strong enough to straighten the wheel and keep the car on the road. Giving up? That was then. Perservering through trials? This is now.

C25k Grad

Well, lots of sweat, time and tears but I did it! I completed C25k program on my treadmill. I did it according to time and have not made the distances suggested. Yet. I am slow. But i am consistant! I had a personal goal to make 2 miles of running straight by the end of this program and tonight, I made that for the first time! I walked .25 mile in 5 minutes then began my 30 minute run. First mile I pushed as much as I could and  completed it in about 14.5 minutes (fastest ever for me) and the 2nd mile was about 15.5 minutes (2nd fastest ever! HAHA!). I finished  up with .25 miles in 5 minute cool down walk. Not bad, feeling fine tonight! Well, minus the slightly sore calf and thigh muscles!

I am ready to do the first few weeks of the bridge to 10k just to keep myself in the training mode. I cannot imagine having lost the weight and inches I have without this program. I am so grateful I saw people posting about it 3 months ago and even more glad that I had my boss and my cousin in another state to travel this road with me. They will be completing week 8 this week and I could not be prouder of all 3 of us. We have chosen the Louisville Susan G Komen 5K to all run in together in the fall. I am really looking forward to that. In the meantime... it is back to training for me. Need to get this distance up to 5K and need to get my feet and legs aclimated to the great outdoors!

Happy running y'all!


Improving my running and Living this way

Currently, I am in the middle of week 8. I am going to bridge to 10k on treadmill for as long as i don't get bored out of my mind. That is a long time on a machine! Also, I am going to be restarting C25k from Week1 in the outdoors because I am finding it very hard to transition to the road and track. I am nowhere near my treadmill distance at all. But this will be slow going because of the hot weather and humidity. But I have time! And lots of pounds to lose and C25K has helped me to lose almost thirty pounds! The first 40 came off almost exclusively with diet changes alone. I didn't start doing ANY exercise until April and that was walking on a treadmill for a few minutes here and there because that is all I could do!

Wow, what changes I have gone through since February! Dropped from a tight 26/28 to an almost 18!!! Yes, almost 18! It counts! Hahaha! I weighed 295 pounds in February and I am a short 5'5"! This months weight is 226pounds! I just feel so great with the changes I made. Lower carbs is working for me and staying active is key! I need to LIVE like this from now on. I feel better and look better and I interact with my family better! Some days it is a little hard. Like yesterday when I opened a HUGE bag of birthday skittles. Can't eat just one, or two, or 20! Hahaha! I don't really crave them like I used to but I still want them sometimes and when I indulge and have some, I really can't stop! Well, I do stop, but it is so hard for me! But this is how I have to live. Or else, I will die of diabetes, and other obesity related diseases. I have a lot to live for. I choose to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nearing the end of C25K training

Wk8 D1 (28 minutes straight run) done. I really tried to increase my pace in the beginning but by 18 minutes I was getting way tired, a stitch in my side, and finding it a little hard to breathe so I slowed myself ALOT just to make it through the 28 minutes. The run distance in the 28 minutes was still only 1.77miles. I am WAY slow but I am pleased with myself for getting through the run time! I have a few more days to work on that pace and get it up to the 2 miles which has been my goal!
On a side note, I weighed myself for the end of the month and I have lost over 12 pounds in June alone!! Some days I think this 5k training is kicking my tail but it is definitely reshaping me! Really considering the bridge to 10K training at this point to keep going!
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