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Thank you, God!

Well, I weighed in for the first time since June 1st and I have lost over 12 pounds!!!!! Can you believe it!?! And I did it without starving! I have been in prayer about this weight and this lifestyle and God has sustained me for sure! I found a few days in the month of June that I was under 1200- but that was circumstance not intentional! Mostly my body has found a satisfaction at around 1500 calories in per day no matter what my exercise level is. And my carbs have been right around 30-35% and I can mentally live with that and my body can handle it too! Biggest change for me has been the C25k training! I am committed to it at least 3 times per week. And then 3 other days per week I get some walking outdoors in. That is all the 'exercise' I routinely do. A few times this month I got on my stationary bike and once I went swimming for an hour with the girls.

I am loving this! I have not weighed this since before I was pregnant with my first child! Several weeks ago I talked about not weighing less than my husband... Now I do by over 10 pounds! Hahaha! I am beginning to think I will make my big dream of being under 200 by my first Susan G Komen 5K September 22nd (i think). Wouldn't that be awesome?! Probably not doable but certainly, if I work hard I can make that by my wedding Anniversary on November 13th!!

I have Lane's birthday party today so I am not going to be overly concerned with carbs and calories because I am having cake and ice cream! Have a great July coming up everyone!!



Life happens

So, I have had some very bad food choices all weekend and feel like I did not get enough exercise in. It is much harder when I am not at home and have so many special parties and events to cram in! Oh well. Life happens! I know I am in this for the long haul. I am longing for my scale to reaffirm that I am doing okay and that annoys me more than anything! Scale is not going to rule me! So, I will not put that scale back into circulation until July 1st!

I have had victory this last week too! I am continuing with 5K training. As advised, I slowed my speed down (even though I am already SUPER SLOW) and my breathing is more manageable! Why didn't I think of this sooner?! I completed the dreaded Wk5 D3 20minute run via skype with a friend! It was awesome to feel that sense of accomlishment! Today, I trained Wk6 D1 and feel great about how I did. Made it 2.3 miles in the 40minutes. It takes me quite a while to feel warmed up. Maybe 10-15 minutes or so. My stride is always easier at the last of the runs. The end is in sight! September will be here before I know it and that is when I will do my first 5k!I have 3 Susan G Komen races I want to participate in this fall!

Goals for this week include eating more whole foods, staying under my calorie goals and exercising 6 days. I would also like to do some running at the local track. The heat index is incredibly high and my allergies are acting up which triggers my asthma. Doing ok, just need to see how it shakes down. Really want to do track once ths week.

Saw a quote on someone's post and it fits me: Quitting is NOT an option!



C25K Wk4D1... I did it!!!

Waaahooo! I just completed wk4 day1 of 5k training!!! Woot! Unbelievable! I did it! I did it! I did it!  Not going to lie to you... I was seconds from passing out because I was hyperventilating! My skin was flushed bright red and I was tingling all over! But I did it! Going to work on breathing more evenly next time! INot sure I can successfully complete it again on Thursday but I will sure try and then try again until I can get it and then move on to wk5 eventually! Oh yeah! Did I say I did it?!?! Sweating like a hog here but I DID IT! Total time (i walked a bit extra after my cool down) was ‎36 minutes and distance was 2.01mi! I am in shock! Feeling GREAT! Well, I know I will have some soreness but for now, I feel great!

Seriously, if anyone thinks they can't do this, message me, look at my first blog on 5k (may1). I could not run the full minute cycles, I could only do 45 seconds and not even as many as i was supposed to! I had a knee injury that sidelined me for a week and then i fast paced back to wk3! And now, wk 3 is under the belt and I made it through wk4 day1 without having to shorten or omit runs! I was over 250 pounds when i started this too and i am only 5'5"! I am amazed by what the mind and body can accomplish! Go ME!

5K training and the scale is gone... for a while.

So, I am back to Wk3 of C 2 5K training and my knee is doing great! I am finding it easier to breathe on my runs this time around. If I complete this wk 3 with no further knee issue I will move on to Wk 4 next week. I am a little nervous just thinking about it but Kit is making me some music to train to and I started using the free app on his IPod and it is much easier than staring at a clock or timer!! Did a few extra minutes of jogging today as I am going to a wedding and will most certainly indulge in the cake! Event cake is something I will always allow! LOL! But I am getting better at planning and working for it instead of just letting it happen to me!

I upped my calories almost 2 weeks ago because I was having hunger and weak feelings... Just the week before I was struggling to eat enough... I chalk that up to new meds i started. But I still lost over a pound this last weigh in! So, the scale is going bye bye and will only visit for monthly weigh ins. That is as long as I am on track with carbs, calories and getting up and moving! I don't want to be dependant on a white box for how I am feeling about myself. I want my own accomplishments to dictate my mood! Drinking enough water, training for 5k, staying within calorie goals, keeping the carbs down around 100, learning to control my sodium, staying away from the fast foods and pizza! Those are my health goals and they work better for me than training my mind and body to satisfy the scale. Wish me luck!!


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