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Scale Victory plus

Week in Review

Started getting swelling in my legs, so, I stopped the hormone. Will talk to the Dr more about it on Tuesday.

Weighed in today at 239.8! That is the lowest I have been since '06! 15 more pounds and I will be at pre baby weight! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Cannot wait! I will be going to monthly weigh ins after next week. Just seems smarter thing to do. Unless I am not on track with logging foods, staying in my ranges and still exercsing! I am averaging 5 times a week for exercising! Woot! Before April, I had not exercised since I got pregnant in 2007! WTHeck have I been thinking. No wonder my body was failing me!!

One of my goals is to be under 200 this year. I think I might make that!!!

Another is to run a 5K in October. I think I might make that!!!


Had to start hormone med...

So, I have proabably mentioned I have polycystic ovaries, well, because of that, I do not produce enough progesterone. As a result, I have heavy, unpredictable and uncomfortable periods (as if all the other stuff that went along with it wasn't enough!). So, today, I had the pleasure of vaginal ultrasound and then endometrial biopsy, and then starting progesterone drug. Not sure how this will affect me. Kind of feel like I am falling apart in the last few weeks! But I will overcome! Hahaha! Still kicking, still going! I will win!


C to 5K wk3 started

So, went on to Week3 Day1 in 5K training... not a total bomb but this is going to take some work. Got all the way through to the last jog and only made it to 2 minutes and had to walk it out because I could not breathe... so close, i could smell it! Literally! LOL! Legs are sore and stomach cramped some for the first time. Can't believe I have made it this far!!  Fun times! Wheeee!


I just love it

The week of 5/7/12 in REVIEW 

Iron Defecient Anemia

So, I went for the results of bloodwork and BP follow up today. BP was fine but I still need my 2 medicines. For the first time in 10 years, my liver enzymes are normal! I was told they would never be normal! But they are! Oh my God, I thank you! Also, HgbA1C is 5.4 (awesome! -not a diabetic). MY chemistry looked good BUT, my Hemoglobin is LOW and my Iron level is low. I guess that could explain my drained feeling most of the time, the palpitations and shortness of breath when at rest... So, I got a B12 injection today, I have to check stools for blood and I need to fo see my GYN doctor and I started the dreaded Iron tabs. I know some people get a laxative effect after starting them but I get the exact opposite!!! So not looking forward to this. But, if I need to do this to feel better and be healthier then so be it! :) The doc thinks I porbably need an ablation due to my heaviny monthly bleeding and 25 day cycle. My GYN told me last year I would need a hysterectomy at some point. Ugh, neother sounds good to me. I am going to foloow up and cross bridges as they arise!!


Couch to 5k -W1 D2

I nailed it!! OMGoodness. It wasn't pretty and I just about fell on the last jog cycle but I did it! Yay me!!!!!!!!!! Of course I am sweating like a pig and my legs are pulsating lead.... but I did it! I did it. I did it!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I may suffer some real soreness tomorrow but for today, I AM THE CHAMPION. LOL! 

Tarnstine had a great quote and it def applies to me here, "It doesn't matter how fast you go, you are still lapping a couch potato!" But moving at my own pace is helping me build endurance rather than just get frustrated and give up! Also, my 13 year old niece was trying to motivate me and she said, "sweat is your body crying from your hard work". Sounds about right!


Started Cto5K ... sort of?

So I actually started this today. Did Day 1. I have to admit, I couldn't keep up with the bursts of jogging! So, I modified it a bit. to 120 seconds walking and 45 seconds jogging. I had to totally nix the last 2 bursts of jogging in favor of continued walking.
This is hard stuff! I will do my modified version all week and try for the real week 1 regime next week. The important step here is that I STARTED it!! Yay me!!!


Lab work...

Getting ready to head to Dr. office for my quartely bloodwork. They will check HgbA1c, CMP and lipids again. I have fatty liver disease... hmmm, I wonder why?! Everyone asks me, do you smoke, drink, drugs? On cholesterol meds or have you had hepatitis? No, no, no, no, no. But I have had years of very poor nutrition. High fat diet, no exercise. Yo-yo dieting. That is one of the reasons I have a bad liver. That and poor genes. My mom and her siblings had/have it as well. I have got to take control and get well. Or I will die with cirrhosis. Last March/April, my HgbA1C (indicator for diabetes) was slightly elevated and my liver enzymes were doubling every 3 months and during a CT scan they found a grapefruit size mass on my ovary. Fortunately, it was benign. I had laparoscopic removal of mass and unilateral oopherectomy and lysis of adhesions from previous c-sections. A wake up call for sure! Since then my HgbA1C has been normal and my enzyes steady but I have been told, I will be diabetic one day bacause of Insulin Resistance in my body. But I will fight it as long as I can! Next week, I go back to the Dr. for  BP, weight, labwork results so I will know more then. He is going to be SO surprised at my weight! LOL! Hope my bloodwork reflects my hard work too!!!!!!



Thinking about doing this...

Oatmeal cupcakes


Ingredients   (I have changed ingredients and note these with ***)

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups applesauce, unsweetened
  • 5 cups, Old Fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 banana, mashed                           ***I omit this***
  • 2 3/4 cups milk (I used 1%)             ***I use 3 cups unsweet almond milk***
  • 1/4 cup flaxseed meal                      ***I omit this but add 3/4 crushed Fiber One***
  • 6 packets of Sweetleaf Stevia or 1 1/2 teaspoons stevia powder
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Optional toppings: raisins, walnuts, chocolate chips  ***To my batter I add 2 cups frozen blueberries and do not use these other toppings***

Nutrition Info (without toppings)

Servings: 18* Calories: 143* Fat: 4g* Cholesterol: 25mg* Sodium: 32mg* Fiber: 4g* Sugars: 4g* Carbs: 23g* Protein: 6g*


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix eggs, vanilla, applesauce, banana and Stevia together in a bowl.
  3. Add in oats, salt, baking powder, flax and cinnamon and mix well with wet ingredients.
  4. Finally pour in milk and combine.
  5. Spray a 12 and 6 capacity muffin tin with cooking spray or use cupcake liners.
    Pour mixture evenly into muffin tin cups.
  6. If using toppings add them onto the tops of muffins now. If using fresh or frozen fruit, drop it right into the batter.
  7. Bake 30 minutes until a toothpick in center comes out clean. Cool and enjoy or freeze them in gallon freezer bags.

 Here is the website to give credit where due...

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