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Yes, exactly like that

I read another blog today that had this drawing. Success, definitely not a straight path for me. But I am okay with that. Most days. I am struggling with old eating habits, unhealthy choices, going for convenience items, making excuses. I feel really great and on top of the world when I see a clean diary and productive exercise day. Then the next day, the creeper in me has taken over and those nasty calories and lazy molecules really do me in. I am still looking for that EASY button. Who took it?! Ah well, as long as I know the SUCCESS button still works -even if slowly. :)

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suenix24 wrote 77 months ago:
I am always looking for that fast result, the quickest way from A to B (the straight path). We want it to be that easy...but IT is all those crazy turns, the ups and downs that teach us to keep going and achieve what we need to do!! Nice post! :)
glenette1 wrote 77 months ago:
If it were that easy there would be a lot more successful people in the world. Every day brings it's own struggle but we can all do this.

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