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Started Cto5K ... sort of?

So I actually started this today. Did Day 1. I have to admit, I couldn't keep up with the bursts of jogging! So, I modified it a bit. to 120 seconds walking and 45 seconds jogging. I had to totally nix the last 2 bursts of jogging in favor of continued walking.
This is hard stuff! I will do my modified version all week and try for the real week 1 regime next week. The important step here is that I STARTED it!! Yay me!!!


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mommymeesh wrote 86 months ago:
Way to go, girlfriend!!!! You are doing it!!! You are going to be running circles around everyone in your family very soon!!
breakthecycle wrote 86 months ago:
AGREE 100% the MOST important thing is you STARTED!!!!!
steph1278 wrote 86 months ago:
Good job! Keep modifying as long as you need. You will build up your endurance. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Speed will come later.
skb12573 wrote 86 months ago:
thanks you guys. i have never had a support network ouside of my husband and sometimes my sister. hahaha. he supports me and encourages me all the time but in my poor choice making he can also be my enabler... still,i love that man so much! :)

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