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Lab work...

Getting ready to head to Dr. office for my quartely bloodwork. They will check HgbA1c, CMP and lipids again. I have fatty liver disease... hmmm, I wonder why?! Everyone asks me, do you smoke, drink, drugs? On cholesterol meds or have you had hepatitis? No, no, no, no, no. But I have had years of very poor nutrition. High fat diet, no exercise. Yo-yo dieting. That is one of the reasons I have a bad liver. That and poor genes. My mom and her siblings had/have it as well. I have got to take control and get well. Or I will die with cirrhosis. Last March/April, my HgbA1C (indicator for diabetes) was slightly elevated and my liver enzymes were doubling every 3 months and during a CT scan they found a grapefruit size mass on my ovary. Fortunately, it was benign. I had laparoscopic removal of mass and unilateral oopherectomy and lysis of adhesions from previous c-sections. A wake up call for sure! Since then my HgbA1C has been normal and my enzyes steady but I have been told, I will be diabetic one day bacause of Insulin Resistance in my body. But I will fight it as long as I can! Next week, I go back to the Dr. for  BP, weight, labwork results so I will know more then. He is going to be SO surprised at my weight! LOL! Hope my bloodwork reflects my hard work too!!!!!!

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breakthecycle wrote 86 months ago:
Will be praying for a good report!!!! My Mom had type 2 diabetes and after she had the sleeve done and lost 200lbs she is not on ANY medicines anymore. She was taking about 15 pills a day and now nothing but a vitamin.
elwinberry wrote 86 months ago:
Praying for ya. Praying that God takes control over this ugly disease and that he guide you in an easy journey to correct the overwhelming urges and unhealthy life style. You yourself are doing an amazing job. Keep up the great job.
mommymeesh wrote 86 months ago:
Praying that ALL is reversed!!! With God ALL things are possible!!

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