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LAB Update

Drawn on 7/11/12, my HgbA1C result was 5.1!!! Great! Really happy to be staving off the Diabetes!

My lipid panel came back awesome too, except.... HDL is low! It was 37. :( I  am really bummed about that because I was hoping my consistent exercise would raise it but instead it is actually 2 points lower. My ratio is good so I am not sweating it too much. The big things to do to boost it are 1) 3cups of oj per day (not going to happen!) 2) eat foods on the lower end of the glycemic scale (i do try to do that already!) 3) Replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats (I do this too) 4) Eat soy (i just don't want to do that on a consistent basis) 5) Alcohol in moderation (I drink NO alcohol) 6) 30 minutes aerobic exercise on most days of the week (got that covered two fold) 7) Now smoking (I DO NOT SMOKE) and 8) Lose weight (I have been doing this consistently since February).

Going to keep on it to be as healthy as I can be!!

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Kalynx wrote 78 months ago:
great news! i would suggest chia seeds too - huge source of omega three, no sodium ..they help with diabetes/and are tasteless and easy to consume. google it or read the message boards. :) :) good luck!
Meredith_F74 wrote 78 months ago:
My HDL was 47 last month and my doctor told me to eat at least 6 almonds a day and take an Omega-3 capsule. My overall cholesterol was 170, which is great, but the HDL is just too low. I am like you, I am not going to drink all my daily calories in OJ. That is a lot of sugar as well!
breakthecycle wrote 78 months ago:
Happy to hear things are getting better and better all the time!!! YOU are the reason for that!!! GREAT job!!
1Cynthia15 wrote 78 months ago:
That is awesome. I know how it feels, I have taken my A1C from 9 to 5.5 in the past year. keep up the great work.
cindybowcut wrote 78 months ago:
You are doing fabulous. I have also taken my A1C from 8.7 to 5.6 in a year. And have lost 50lbs in the same amount of time. I feel amazing, and I am getting great compliments on my looks. Keep up the good work.
teinepalagi wrote 78 months ago:
Awesome job! FYI....HDL can sometimes lower during active weight loss (especially if someone is on a very low calorie diet). However, once you reach goal, it can often return to a higher level than you originally had. My husband's cardiologist mentioned this to him. Here's the article:
Theresafinallygetsitright wrote 78 months ago:
Fish oil caps (3-4 grams a day). can raise HDL 3-5 points. Be sure and get the "no fishy aftertaste" or freeze your capsules. And TERRIFIC job on the hgbA1c =D
katjo10 wrote 78 months ago:
So happy for you1 I go back to get my lab work done in September. I am hoping I have made a big difference by all the working out, healthy eating & living I have been doing!

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