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Iron Defecient Anemia

So, I went for the results of bloodwork and BP follow up today. BP was fine but I still need my 2 medicines. For the first time in 10 years, my liver enzymes are normal! I was told they would never be normal! But they are! Oh my God, I thank you! Also, HgbA1C is 5.4 (awesome! -not a diabetic). MY chemistry looked good BUT, my Hemoglobin is LOW and my Iron level is low. I guess that could explain my drained feeling most of the time, the palpitations and shortness of breath when at rest... So, I got a B12 injection today, I have to check stools for blood and I need to fo see my GYN doctor and I started the dreaded Iron tabs. I know some people get a laxative effect after starting them but I get the exact opposite!!! So not looking forward to this. But, if I need to do this to feel better and be healthier then so be it! :) The doc thinks I porbably need an ablation due to my heaviny monthly bleeding and 25 day cycle. My GYN told me last year I would need a hysterectomy at some point. Ugh, neother sounds good to me. I am going to foloow up and cross bridges as they arise!!


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breakthecycle wrote 86 months ago:
I'm happy for the positive results and will continue to pray for the things that aren't quite the way they need to be yet. I love liver and onions and that helps with iron well the liver does anyway. Again very happy for the positive news. Have a great day!!!
mommymeesh wrote 86 months ago:
Yay to the BP, liver enzymes and blood sugar levels!!! The anemia can be dealt with. What is ablation? My cycle went from 35 days my whole life to 21 - 24 days in the last year and I've always had heavy periods, but they've gotten heavier in the last year as well. Everything I've read and everyone I've talked to has said this is perfectly normal for perimenopause. The last couple of months I went 6 weeks between periods and this last one was 28 days so they are spreading out again. This ablatiion thing sounds interesting though if it would help with bleeding.
skb12573 wrote 86 months ago:
It is a surgical procedure where they burn the lining of the uterus. It is to stop periods for those who have excessive bleeding. I like it in theory, but I dread anasthesia again. It makes me so ill. My boss had it last year and she is like a new woman! haha!

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