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Had to start hormone med...

So, I have proabably mentioned I have polycystic ovaries, well, because of that, I do not produce enough progesterone. As a result, I have heavy, unpredictable and uncomfortable periods (as if all the other stuff that went along with it wasn't enough!). So, today, I had the pleasure of vaginal ultrasound and then endometrial biopsy, and then starting progesterone drug. Not sure how this will affect me. Kind of feel like I am falling apart in the last few weeks! But I will overcome! Hahaha! Still kicking, still going! I will win!


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terraskye wrote 82 months ago:
Sorry to hear that hun..I'm still waiting for my diagnosis this week on the PCOS front. I'm hoping it can get sorted out as I'd love to try for one more baby before I'm 50 lol though I always said no more after 30.

Feel free to send me a message if you need to vent:) I'm a good listener

Kalynx wrote 82 months ago:
glad to hear that treament is an option for you - hang in there.

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