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Getting back at it

I have been binge eating again... Saturday is my weigh-in... I will NOT skip it. I need to know. Need to be accountable. So NOT HAPPY with myself for doing it but ... it is what it is. I will do better!

Today, my FOOD GOAL is to eat No Sugar and my EXERCISE GOAL is to walk/run 7 miles. I am off from work, there is no reason I can't meet these. For the rest of the week, I will stick with the NO SUGAR goal. I am addicted, I have PCOS and there is no way any carb, esp sugar will ever be my friend. I live in daily recovery from this! I will run on Tues, Thurs and in my Komen 5K on Saturday. Weather and time permitting, I will try to squeeze in 1 mile walks while on lunch at work on Wednesday and Friday.

I am proud of me for keeping with my running. Today, was the first day the temperature was around freezing. Running is definitely a whole new game in the cold. I am not going to give up. I have at least four 5Ks scheduled between now and the first of December. I am going to learn to adapt!

I have a weight goal for January 1st that I am going to work my hardest at to reach! I know I can do this!


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mdcjmom wrote 75 months ago:
I will stand by and encourage each and every step of the way. You know that! You can do this!
suenix24 wrote 75 months ago:
We all...
binge every now and then,
skip a workout and
sometimes feel like we have failed ourselves.

we get back up and the feeling we get when we do, is what keeps up going.

You are doing awesome AND the reason I am running in my first 5K. :)
glenette1 wrote 75 months ago:
You are awesome! Never stop believing that. You WILL bounce back and you WILL run your best times for each of the 5K races scheduled.
lastchance2010 wrote 75 months ago:
in a similar situation....BIG HUG and keep at it...
We can do this. all of us together! ^5!
skb12573 wrote 75 months ago:
Thank you guys. I really appreciate your support!! And WE WILL DO THIS.
angel_eyes_lisa wrote 75 months ago:
Everyone has a "bad" day but you know what, tomorrow marks a new one. You start over and tell yourself that you will do it better today. You are human after all. You are doing really well!! You'll do awesome in your running!! :)
llm0505 wrote 75 months ago:
I admire your determination, I too am a binge eater and tend to watch my calories but don't eat the right foods all of the time. I have a real struggle with exercise. I know you can do it!!
primrosehill wrote 75 months ago:
You go girl!!! Inspiring stuff xxx
betoarango wrote 75 months ago:
Batman's Dad said
"why do we fall?... So we can learn to get back up"
Look where that got bruce wayne..
Get back up, dust yourself and have a great day TODAY... just for today be awesome... we`ll worry about tomorrow...well.... tomorrow.

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