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Frustrated, not defeated. 10k, can I do it?

So, I have had a less than stellar winter and had a big gain that I am working on, or should I say off! I gained 8 pounds in 9 days of vacation alone! Another 10 since Halloween. 

Due to injury, arthrits, PF, laziness and poor attitude, I am nowhere near my 10K training goals. The most I have been able to do is 4.9 miles. Today, I only got to 6k. And it took me longer than it has EVER taken me!! What is up? Am I tired? Worn down? Too out of shape? I have a runny nose but I am not sick!

Feeling frustrated. Not defeated.

Saturday the 9th is my first 10K. There is no turning back from this. Registered. Paid. Have a group that is going. Got a babysitter lined up to take my dgtr to her last cheer game. At this point, my hope is to finish it. Seriously. I just want to finish. I can work on time all spring. I just want to finish this race. I am so slow normally but these days, I am beyond slow! Let me repeat, I just want to finish!


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hula808 wrote 70 months ago:
Ya, you can do it! And perhaps being around all the other runners, you will feel inspired and renewed. Plus running slower is the BEST way to increase distance. You're doing it and thats what they say...all miles are good miles! Good Luck I'll be cheering you on via long distance!
skb12573 wrote 70 months ago:
Thank you. You are right. Cheer loud! I need it! From what I have heard there is always a huge turnout for this run. Hope the momentum of the crowd keeps me on my feet!

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