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Thinking about doing this...

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breakthecycle wrote 83 months ago:
OMG that is what I am doing now!!! I have to do 2m for the first time tomorrow!!! Tell your brain you CAN DO IT and do not listen when it says ARE YOU NUTS!!! :)
mommymeesh wrote 83 months ago:
That would be so awesome! I've never had the stamina to run even one mile! If you do it, let us know how it is. I worry about my knees at my current weight.
steph1278 wrote 83 months ago:
I just started week 8 today and it is amazing. It is definitely mind over matter. I never thought that I would be able to run, but can now run for 28 minutes straight. Start slow and steady, speed will come later. Endurance is much more important in the beginning.
skb12573 wrote 83 months ago:
I have not run a mile or more since 2003 or 2004! I worry about my knees too, and I have battled plantar fascitis multiple times in the last 10 years. But I was looking at it and it looks like it builds you up slowly. I am going to try it! Current weight as of last weigh in on Friday 251lbs. Really hoping for 249 when I weigh in the morning for my April total! So, I am giving it a go. On my treadmill. If my knees bother me too much, I will look into something new! Steph, week 8?! Kudos to you!! I will take it slow and concentrate on the stamina building! Marcie, I am way impressed by you in so many ways!!
mommymeesh wrote 83 months ago:
You are ALL my heroes!!!

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