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C to 5K wk3 started

So, went on to Week3 Day1 in 5K training... not a total bomb but this is going to take some work. Got all the way through to the last jog and only made it to 2 minutes and had to walk it out because I could not breathe... so close, i could smell it! Literally! LOL! Legs are sore and stomach cramped some for the first time. Can't believe I have made it this far!!  Fun times! Wheeee!


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mommymeesh wrote 85 months ago:
You are doing awesome!!!!
kelfhouse wrote 85 months ago:
Great Job
cherokeeangel001 wrote 85 months ago:
awesome job!!
breakthecycle wrote 85 months ago:
You are doing GREAT!!! Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back from me!!! Keep on keeping on and before you know it you WILL be running 3.1 miles.
kepete wrote 85 months ago:
I repeated week 3 several times before I moved on. Occasionally I go back and do C25K again .., helped me cut 16 minutes off my race time!
bobthesmogs wrote 85 months ago:
Week 3 - Day 1 and I had to have a 40 second walk in the middle of that last jog ..... Week 3 - Day 2 and I made it all the way through. Keep going, you got this!
hwillia1 wrote 85 months ago:
I start week 3 today, wish me luck! I just keep telling myself that it gets easier in time. I will not give up.
rrrbecca11 wrote 85 months ago:
Starting week 8 tomorrow. 28 straight minutes of running ugh. ;-) But I'll make it!!
anitaplus4 wrote 85 months ago:
That is great! Way to go. I am thinking of doing it. :D
pauladick wrote 85 months ago:
keep it up its so liberating i have just finished week 6 day 3 which is a flat out 20mins never in a million years i thought i would ever do that x

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