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Annoyed at myself

How crazy is it that I rolled my foot on the edge of the sidewalk while walking Laney into school?!?!?! GRRRRRRRRR! And yes, I did this very same thing 2 years ago on the SAME sidewalk when I was walking Amelia into school. Only then, I totally wiped out -with cupcakes for class party in hand (saved those bad boys though-haha)!  As a result I had a swollen knee and wrist for 2 months that still flare up to this day!! Now, my outer right heel/ankle area and my inner right knee are feeling strained and odd. PLEASE, don't let this be a real injury!!! My first thought when I got home was to eat the cookies leftover from the party on Monday because I had a mishap! WHAT?! So annoyed with myself for feeling that way! Why do I have to attatch every single emotion to eating?! I didn't eat them. And I won't! I won't! I won't! I won't! Going to ice it and get up and do laundry now! Carry on as if my whole day off is not confounded by my clumbsiness!! LOL!!


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Namaste1983 wrote 76 months ago:
DarkFlutter wrote 76 months ago:
Take a deep breath!
Glad you are ok...and remember...You DIDN'T eat said cookie. If you need to, hide them...maybe a cabinet above the fridge...for a day until your emotions die down.

You're got this!
glenette1 wrote 76 months ago:
Ice and range of motion - repeat it all day long and you will bounce back quickly.
tubbytoby08 wrote 76 months ago:
just walk away girl... you are stronger than that !! i have faith in you!

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