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Happy 1 year MFP Anniversary to me!!!

Just realized that March 23rd will be my 1 year anniversary of MFP logging! Just so happens that I am also running the Color For Kids 5K in Oxford! Well, actually, I will probably walk most of it as I have got my 7 year old, 4 year old AND MY HUSBAND signed up too!! Big NSV right there! Just fine with that though! One year ago, none of us would have dreamed of running around the yard let alone a 5K!! So thankful to God for giving me the strength and courage to change my circumstances! This Saturday will be my 10th race!! Happy Anniversary, indeed!

Frustrated, not defeated. 10k, can I do it?

So, I have had a less than stellar winter and had a big gain that I am working on, or should I say off! I gained 8 pounds in 9 days of vacation alone! Another 10 since Halloween. 

Due to injury, arthrits, PF, laziness and poor attitude, I am nowhere near my 10K training goals. The most I have been able to do is 4.9 miles. Today, I only got to 6k. And it took me longer than it has EVER taken me!! What is up? Am I tired? Worn down? Too out of shape? I have a runny nose but I am not sick!

Feeling frustrated. Not defeated.

Saturday the 9th is my first 10K. There is no turning back from this. Registered. Paid. Have a group that is going. Got a babysitter lined up to take my dgtr to her last cheer game. At this point, my hope is to finish it. Seriously. I just want to finish. I can work on time all spring. I just want to finish this race. I am so slow normally but these days, I am beyond slow! Let me repeat, I just want to finish!



So, after a few set backs (aka injuries -mostly of the clutzy variety),  I got back at it. I found that 3 weeks of no running really dented my 5K! I cannot run a 5K! I can run a mile with effort, walk, run a half mile, walk, run a half mile, walk. That's about it. The lungs and the legs forgot what we learned!!

I started back to 5K training on January 2nd and am using the bridge to 10k Trainer, finishing the week 5 tonight. It was a challenge to run 22 minutes straight... and I am as slow as ever! But I did it! So onward 10K! My first 10K will be either March 2 or March 9th. Haven't finalized which race I want to be in. I have skipped days here and there and will continue to do so if I feel I am not challenged enough by them, but even doing that, I will not have time to complete this 10K Trainer by those race dates. Still going to do it though! If I have to walk it, I walk it. But one way or another, I WILL be crossing the finish line!

Fixin' to turn 40!

So, the BIG 4-0 is three weeks away. I never imagined being in my forties! Hahaha! I am not at my goal, but I am at peace. Mostly because I am healthier than I have been in the last 5 years! And because I am STILL moving forward! So, this forty thing... I am looking forward to it. Bring it on. Bring it on! I have a lot of living I want to do!

Getting back at it

I have been binge eating again... Saturday is my weigh-in... I will NOT skip it. I need to know. Need to be accountable. So NOT HAPPY with myself for doing it but ... it is what it is. I will do better!

Today, my FOOD GOAL is to eat No Sugar and my EXERCISE GOAL is to walk/run 7 miles. I am off from work, there is no reason I can't meet these. For the rest of the week, I will stick with the NO SUGAR goal. I am addicted, I have PCOS and there is no way any carb, esp sugar will ever be my friend. I live in daily recovery from this! I will run on Tues, Thurs and in my Komen 5K on Saturday. Weather and time permitting, I will try to squeeze in 1 mile walks while on lunch at work on Wednesday and Friday.

I am proud of me for keeping with my running. Today, was the first day the temperature was around freezing. Running is definitely a whole new game in the cold. I am not going to give up. I have at least four 5Ks scheduled between now and the first of December. I am going to learn to adapt!

I have a weight goal for January 1st that I am going to work my hardest at to reach! I know I can do this!


Annoyed at myself

How crazy is it that I rolled my foot on the edge of the sidewalk while walking Laney into school?!?!?! GRRRRRRRRR! And yes, I did this very same thing 2 years ago on the SAME sidewalk when I was walking Amelia into school. Only then, I totally wiped out -with cupcakes for class party in hand (saved those bad boys though-haha)!  As a result I had a swollen knee and wrist for 2 months that still flare up to this day!! Now, my outer right heel/ankle area and my inner right knee are feeling strained and odd. PLEASE, don't let this be a real injury!!! My first thought when I got home was to eat the cookies leftover from the party on Monday because I had a mishap! WHAT?! So annoyed with myself for feeling that way! Why do I have to attatch every single emotion to eating?! I didn't eat them. And I won't! I won't! I won't! I won't! Going to ice it and get up and do laundry now! Carry on as if my whole day off is not confounded by my clumbsiness!! LOL!!


RACE DAY! My first 5k!

5k at the West Chester Hospital today, benefitting 3 local organizations. I was excited all day and afraid to eat much because my belly was rumbly! LOL! I chalk it up to nerves! Or being under the weather. I have had a cough and ran a fever last night but I woke up feeling pretty good! Even my shin splints were minimal! Kit and the girls came along for this momentous occasion. We arrived about an hour before race time and checked in, got the t-shirt, my number and timer and milled around the area looking at the booths until the Carter family arrived. Mr. Carter kept us informed of the time and before I knew it -race time! It was hotter than I expected and the whole race course was in the full 6pm sun. It was exciting as we started out. My family was waving to me, my little one cried for me... Mrs. Carter and I started out together but due to her recent hamstring injury, she had to slack off fairly soon. I remember a point where a man shouted out it was .6miles into the race -I really felt like it should be more like 1.6!!! It was a gradual uphill run for quite a while so I was thrilled there were several water stations! The scenery was gorgeous as the route took us around the lake. I had to walk several times to stretch out when the shins felt crampy but I was able to run most of it! Around mile 1.75, the sun was dead ahead and I developed a headache... I was sweating before the race even started so, I'm thinking I was dehydrated and over-heated by now. I saw a gal from work walking her new dog in the grass and chatted as I went by -then set back to running. Mile 2-2.5 was an uphill climb, literally. I was running pretty much alone the last 15 minutes of the race and as I looped back around toward the finish I passed the same point where the man had shouted out ".6mile in" and I knew I was going to make it afterall! As I ran around the corner, I saw Kit and the girls. He let them run out to me when I got closer and I hugged them while running and they ran accross the finish line with me!!! Upon finishing, I was awarded a white boa and a 'medal' and then we were all treated to one AWESOME after party with tons of foods, drawings, food, live band and did I say food?! Kit took a lot of pictures and documented the event well for me. He hugged me and kissed me and told me how proud he was of me. It felt great. And you know what, I am proud of me too! I have lost 85 pounds since February, and gone literally from the couch to a 5K! Who cares that I am slow (official race time 50:28), that my body is now sore and tired, that I had to walk a few bits. I DID IT!

Yes, exactly like that

I read another blog today that had this drawing. Success, definitely not a straight path for me. But I am okay with that. Most days. I am struggling with old eating habits, unhealthy choices, going for convenience items, making excuses. I feel really great and on top of the world when I see a clean diary and productive exercise day. Then the next day, the creeper in me has taken over and those nasty calories and lazy molecules really do me in. I am still looking for that EASY button. Who took it?! Ah well, as long as I know the SUCCESS button still works -even if slowly. :)

LAB Update

Drawn on 7/11/12, my HgbA1C result was 5.1!!! Great! Really happy to be staving off the Diabetes!

My lipid panel came back awesome too, except.... HDL is low! It was 37. :( I  am really bummed about that because I was hoping my consistent exercise would raise it but instead it is actually 2 points lower. My ratio is good so I am not sweating it too much. The big things to do to boost it are 1) 3cups of oj per day (not going to happen!) 2) eat foods on the lower end of the glycemic scale (i do try to do that already!) 3) Replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats (I do this too) 4) Eat soy (i just don't want to do that on a consistent basis) 5) Alcohol in moderation (I drink NO alcohol) 6) 30 minutes aerobic exercise on most days of the week (got that covered two fold) 7) Now smoking (I DO NOT SMOKE) and 8) Lose weight (I have been doing this consistently since February).

Going to keep on it to be as healthy as I can be!!

That was then... this is now

I am trying my hardest to stay healthy this week. I have been on the run from before sun up to well past sun down. Dealing with sickness and death in the family is a trial and I am beginning to feel so worn down. Not sleeping. Making more unwise food choices than usual. Holding off on exercise til the end of the day -like just before midnight, hence I am still up at almost 1am when I have church, a party and seeing my Dad on my agenda for tomorrow.

I am in 2 fitness challenges, 100 Miles in July and Six Weeks to Sizzling. And today, I did not meet 2 of my 4 daily goals. But I am not going to give up. That was the old me. The new me takes sadness and grief and frustration in stride and does not allow it to cause me to jump off my healthy living wagon -completely, that is. This week I am hitting some potholes in that road but I am strong enough to straighten the wheel and keep the car on the road. Giving up? That was then. Perservering through trials? This is now.

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