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(PICS) Public Apology - My Wife Caught Me Cheating

Let me start by saying that I'm not one who is much into airing dirty laundry in public.  Something like this has physical and emotional impacts.  It's also a personal matter.  However, I have quite a large number of friends on this site and people who read my blog posts religiously.  They value my reputation and integrity.  I value their feedback.  So before anyone hears this through some other source, I felt obligated to my family and friends to speak the truth first, before the gossip and rumors make this unfortunate incident any larger or more damaging than it already is.

 My wife caught me cheating with another woman.  I'm telling this to you straight, no chaser.  I'm not going to stand here, weepy-eyed, and sugar-coat it.  I got busted.  I got tempted and I fell.  I have no excuse.  To be quite honest, the girl caught my interest.  I saw her in the break room just about every day at my office.  She was really sweet and over time I just kind of developed a taste for her.  It wasn't a big deal at first, but I really began to develop a bigger and bigger urge for her.  Eventually, I wasn't just seeing her in the office break room.  I would see her at the cafeteria downstairs and we would occasionally bump into each other at the locat supermarket.  Every time I saw her, my desire for her increased.  I honestly believed she felt the same way.

Eventually, things got to a point between us where I did something stupid.  I decided to take her home with me.  I don't know what I was thinking--sometimes your appetite just overwhelms common sense I guess.  We went to my place during my lunch break (I'm about 10 minutes from the office).  I figured my wife would be out of the house--I didn't see her car.  So we went inside and got comfortable.  All I wanted to do was unwrap her just like a Christmas present.  And I did.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose.  My wife opened the front door and caught me!  I had my hands around her when she opened the door.  I was so busted.  What made it worse was that she whipped out her cell phone and started taking pictures.  I guess she wanted evidence of my misdeeds.  I didn't stay around long.  I didn't say a word.  I just dropped my head, got back in the car, and went back to work.

 Do I feel bad about what happened?  Sure.  Was it idiotic?  Absolutely.  As I said earlier, I'm still physically and mentally impacted by what I did.  So, I wanted to apologize publicly to my friends and family for cheating and letting everyone down.  I'll make better choices in the future when faced with temptations like this.

By the way, here's the photo my wife took:

Little Debbie

I'll never eat another Little Debbie Snack Cake again! 

Would love to know what food you've cheated with--that you absolutely can't resist.  Drop me a Comment below and let me know.

Shawn's Quote of the Day:  “It’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car.” ~ Michael Pollan

Have a blessed day and remember that the world would not be the same without you!

God Bless!




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