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5 Reasons Why You Ain't Got Any MFP Friends

Whodini put out a hit back in the day called, "Friends."  The lyrics went something like, "Friends.  How many of us have them?  Friends.  Ones we can depend on?"

Since I've been on MFP, I get a lot of people requesting me to be their friend and saying that they have had a hard time getting anyone to befriend them.  After looking at a few of their profiles and interacting with them for a period of time, I began to see some common factors.  So, for those who have often wondered, here are five reasons why you "ain't got" any MFP friends.


1.  You Don't Have a Profile Picture.  Not having a profile picture is like introducing yourself at a party with a bag over your head.  Unless that paper bag made you a celebrity (like the Unknown Comic on "The Gong Show"), the level of interest you're going to attract is not going to be very high.  Whether you agree or not, looks do matter.  We know that many of us are not necessarily looking out best right now (this is a fitness site after all), all the more reason for posting a pic.  This is not a dating service...we understand.

2.  You Have Not Completed Your Profile.  It would be nice to know where you're from, why you're here and what your goals are.  Most of us are looking for like-minded folks; those who may have the same amount of weight to lose, facing similar challenges, etc.  I, for example, am partial to those going through diabetic challenges because I'm Type II diabetic.  So many of my MFP friends have Type II diabetes.  Also, when you don't complete your profile, it gives one the impression that you're not very serious about being here.  How can you be on here and have no goals?  If you're a little embarassed about bringing your weight down from 500 or bringing your waist down from 52", a goal saying "I want to be down 20 pounds by May" is fine.  It doesn't say where you are currently--just where you want to go.

3.  You Don't Make Your Diary Public.  The very word "diary" makes people want to read it--especially someone else's diary.  Folks are nosey by nature.  In this instance, people want to see what you're eating and how you're exercising--especially if you're posting big time weight losses every week.  I would think the concensus of the site is not only to be fit personally but to encourage others on here as well.  So please share.

4.  You Sign In Infrequently.  If you're getting on the site once every few weeks, eventually people are going to drop you.  We are only are allowed 250 friends and the slots fill fast.  People start making cuts.  And you'll get cut like calories.

5.  You Don't Encourage.  Everyone likes an occassional slap on the back, a kind word to keep progressing, a compliment on their accomplishments.  If what you have been giving to others is zero, zip, nada--that's a problem.  I'm not necessarily talking tit-for-tat, but if all you do is receive and not give, that's not only insensitive, it's selfish.  Better to never friend at all.  Conversely, if your talkative nature constantly smacks of harsh criticism, your journey to fitness nirvana will be a lonely one as well.  You catch more flies with honey.

I'm sure there are other reasons.  These are ones I personally have used.  Feel free to share your own experiences.

God Bless!




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