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C25K week 3 and other ramblings it me you're looking for?


Well after the failure of my last blog to attract visitors, I am back.....See I said I would never give up.


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard 


Yes.....This is the kind of rubbish Carli has me listening to on the week 3 podcast whilst I am pounding the promenade at 6:30 in the morning.  If this is your first visit to my musings, then I suggest you cast an eye over the others to find out more about Carli.


Well I did my first week 3 run.  This had me moving into the 3 minute runs.  It sounds so small when you say it like that but it feels like an eternity when you have counted to 180 and are sure it is going to end, but manages another 26 counts before Carli lets me walk again.......but I did it.  It is still not easy, but on my walk back I imagined what I would be like doing week 1 now, and realised how far I have come already.


Robinsons barley water 

 Or Squash as us poor kids called it.  

 I am still playing squash 3 times a week, and won 2 games last night.  My friend was even laughing at one shot before I got to it, and when I got there and sent the ball to the other side of the court he was wow'd.  In the past I would have never got to that ball.  Most of the time I would not have even started the run.  Things are defiantly on the up.


Well I am keeping this one short, and will finish off with my usual pictures, as it's getting darker every day.


Whilst walking back I noticed the red sky over Port the locals say in Port Talbot.....Red sky at morning...Global Warming.


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SarahCW1979 wrote 69 months ago:
Oh wow, you really are just 'down the road' from me!! Ive run that promenade before (not intentionally, kite flying mis-hap) This Carli sounds as annoying as Jillian Michaels.... hi-5 in the face with a chair anyone? :p
seamatt wrote 69 months ago:
Yeah I am in Swansea. Start from SA1, around the marina and then turn around after my runs and walk back :)
wendytc wrote 69 months ago:
Great job! I'm in week 5 and CANNOT BELIEVE I am doing it, considering I thought I was going to die during week 1! :) Keep it going!!!
martymum wrote 69 months ago:
well done...I am moving into week 3 next week and dreading it martyx
odditblue wrote 69 months ago:
LOL! Love it! Great blogs. =) I'm just now finding the C25K myself. Wow...
emtjmac wrote 69 months ago:
I just finished week 7. It doesn't get easier but it gets much more rewarding. Knowing that you can run 25 minutes without stopping feels pretty awesome.
sarbar71 wrote 69 months ago:
I just finished day 2 - Week 3 yesterday! I try not to count to 180 in my head but find that I do this too - LOL! Just wait - next week steps it WAY up - 5 minute jogs!!! We are really in for it! I did C25K 2 summers ago and loved it - I made it through the program and ran in 2 5k's that summer - then I totally slacked off so now am back at square 1 :(
leeleeluvs wrote 69 months ago:
i'm also doing C25K and i'm on week 3. I had to skip today due to a sore arch. :( I am thinking about re doing week 3. Good luck!
jen10st wrote 69 months ago:
I'm really impressed with your progress, and love the pics aswell. I'm going to run/walk/waddle the prom in port Talbot next week I'll post a pic of my view of Swansea :)
NuggetLovesEdie wrote 69 months ago:
You give me hope that a c25k can be in my future.
I'm holding out for the Zombies Run! version because I always say I never run unless I'm being chased by something scary.
andriaharriman wrote 69 months ago:
Carli sounds like a real piece of work! Great job on the runs...I am on week 2 and a bit nervous about the 3 minute runs next week :-)

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