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hCG-Day 17 (I'm cheating, but still losing)

Thanks for all the replies.  Day 17 finds me very frustrated.  I am such a cheater, and half the time, I don't even realize I have food in my mouth until I swallow it!  It's such a habit or hobby for me, I could kick myself.

I'm stuck at 202.  I am so desperate to hit the 190s, I can hardly stand it. 

One weird thing is that on the days that I really cheat, I seem to still lose a small bit, but on the days I'm really gain, I either stay the same or gain.

How is everyone else doing?

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Rhonnie07 wrote 96 months ago:
I finely made it to 190. It took awhile but it happened I am now under the 190 mark and lovin it. I to have my free days to keep things in line for me. It works. Thanks to a very wonderful husband, daughter and MFP. You can do it to. :~)
Shannonk507 wrote 96 months ago:
Hi! I did HcG for a week and a half and lost 15 pounds. Do you have suggestions or websites/information? I am thinking of doing it again.
TheSpicyMermaid wrote 96 months ago:
I'm doing hCG right now but not doing well with the 500 calorie days. Tomorrow is another day!
Lisamarie1226 wrote 96 months ago:
Have you tried the "apple" day regimen to break a plateau? I only did a 20 day program (my boyfriends mom did the 40 day program and then split another 40 day program with me). I lost 12 lbs but I hit plateaus pretty frequently even though I was pretty honest about staying on the diet. So the apple day helped. Basically you limit your water intake and have up to 6 apples in a day. You will lose weight. My friend that also tried it said you could fast all day (have liquids) and then have a steak for dinner, she said that worked for her. Good luck! The milestons are always the hardest.
diallor wrote 96 months ago:
Hello Ladies,

I have read about the HCG diet and it seems pretty risky. Are you all done having kids or do you feel that limiting the amount of water you drink will not create more problems related to dehydration or blood clots.....An ARNP told me that this diet is very old and has now become popular again. I'm not sure how it all ties together with the hormone. I understand the 500 calories, but wow. Anyone care to share details about how the provider described the outcomes, physiology or long term effects of this diet?
elmct57 wrote 96 months ago:
the Simeon protocol is easily found on the web for free. it is titled Pounds and Inches and addresses all of the questions you just posed.

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