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So for those who follow my blog, you knew that I experience a set back, like everyone else on a journey will from time to time, I was coasting along thought I was good and then got on the scale, pissed off to find out I'd gained about 25 pounds or so since I was really really focused on my journey, I was so pissed at myself for letting it get out of control, that instead of fixing it, I binged even harder for about a month, making me gain another 10 pounds, so I get on the scale and I'm at my highest in 2 years, 198.00 WTF... Dammit! (yah before you judge, remember I'm human too!!! I still deal with emotional eating and have feelings just like everyone else, I just lost control for a few months )<br />
<br />
So then I decided enough was a enough and started working really really really hard to get back on track, I'll be honest, every day is still a struggle, but I press on and if I mess up, I just go harder the next day to stay on track. I'm THRILLED to report that I've lost nearly 20 pounds, this morning I'm down to 179. I have been working REALLY REALLY REALLY hard since restarting this time, Im very focused and determined. I have been so on track with my food, getting my water and stopping the night time binges. &nbsp;Last night for example I had hit my calories and then I had a thought, that I should just go eat a piece of pizza because well it's there, but then I kept telling myself "NO NO NO, you don't want it, it's not going to do anything for you and you'll have ate 300 calories in 3 bites, and you'll probably grab another-- DON'T YOU DARE.. I fought the urge for nearly 20 mins, would walk into the kitchen then walk back out, then back in and then out, (anyone know what I'm talking about?) Finally I decided I wasn't going to undo everything I'd already done and went to bed!! It was so hard I really wanted to eat pizza but knew 1) I didn't need the calories 2) I wasn't really hungry 3) I really wouldn't enjoy it....<br />

Binged yesterday

Im so sick and tired of men being being.... ugghhhhhh I tried to fight it off then I just lost all will to control it and ate a bunch of shit, cereal, PB Toast, 2 candy bars 1 reg, 1 king sized... UGHHH 

I'm doing a May Mile Challenge, to get 1 mile in every day no matter how I get it in.


5/1 .30 walking and 1.85 miles biking -  2.15 miles
5/2 .77 walking and 1.03 miles biking - 1.8 miles


3 hours 17 mins exercise today!!!!! BAM!!!!


Ate 100% on track, wasn't even really that hungry!!

My exercise since Sunday ---

 Trying to get my calories in calories  out down --

4/27 2107 calories total  - 156 calories for exercise   1241 consumed -1085 deficit)
4/28 -- 3059 calories total - 983 calories  in exercise 2031 consumed - 1048 deficit )
- 4/29 3005 calories total -- 1091 calories in exercise 1267 consumed   176 deficit )
4/30 2476 calories total - 597 calories  in exercise   (consumed 1218 -621 deficit)

Been lazy today

I taught bootcamp this morning and then I've just been chilling out the rest of the day! I'm in my caloires and 100% on track for the day. Tomorrow I have a REALLLY busy day (4 clients ) so I opted to make today my "down day".

Ok literally like 5 minutes after I posted that I decided to go for a jog with Tyler, he rode his bike I jogged .85 around the neighborhood


Feeling good and proud of my accomplishments!!!  


My May Goals

Stick to my calorie ranges EVERY DAY
Participate in the miles for May Challenge doing 1 mile a day (jogging or walking)or accumulating 15000 steps

14-16 water daily

Exercise 5 days a week 

Been a couple days but I'm on track

I struggled like I said all week last week, so far this week, Mon/Tues have been pretty good. Getting lots of exercises in

Curbing Self Destruction

1) What self-destructive behaviors in your life do you want to change? Think about things you know you 
do and know you shouldn’t and yet feel compelled to do anyway. (For example, do you drink or eat too much? Gamble or shop compulsively? Cheat on your spouse? Work too much? Yell at your kids? Push 
people who love you away?)



2) What harmful dynamics, behaviors, and scenarios do you see repeating in your life? These are things 
that you perceive as happening to you, even though in truth you are creating them. (For example, do you 
keep dating assholes? Do you keep getting fired from jobs? Do you feel like no one listens to you? Do you surround yourself with unsupportive people?)



3) How do these patterns and dynamics make you feel? Angry? Neglected? Stupid? Alone? Unlovable? All 
of the above and more?



4) What other times in your life have you felt this way? And how far back in your life can you trace these 
patterns? Dig deep into your emotional memory, as far back as you can. It’s going to be painful, but that’s 
how you’ll know it’s working. Be brave, and know that the only way to go from here is up.

Just keep swiming

Ate like shit all week, and am paying for it , 191.2 on the scale this morning!! Working really hard to stay on track today. I was feeling bingy around 3 and made myself a Vi shake so that it would tied me over and I wouldn't go and start eating random stuff.

Got a phone call from my ex fiance and that freaked me ou haven't talked to him since like 5th of January, t but I REFUSED to let the emotions get to me and instead of mashed potatoes with dinner, I ate salad & buffalo chicken (grilled)... I will not cave into my emotions I am strong and I got this!


Gonna kill it all week and make sure I'm 100% on track.



So off track again

was doing good then I've been binging for 3 days... Time to turn it around again!!!!

I will not ever quit!!!! 

Restarted a week ago down 13.2lbs


I worked really really hard, that kind of loss doesn't happen usually except I know that it was mostly water weight and bloating from not going to the bathroom like I should have!
Regardless, I'll take it. I was on track with my food & water and helped flush the junk out

My next goal is 178 by the end of this month!! Got to get out of the 80's 

Next goal after that is 168 by May 31st



ughh I made some terrible choices last night, ended up going over my calories, just random eating.. a marshmallow, a piece of chocolate,  a pack of crackers, Peanut butter toast... etc-- I made the mistake of telling someone that I cared about them and it was not repriocrated ... So then it just started, I was muching and grabbing full but still eating, I put myself to bed at 9 pm because I couldn't do it anymore, --- 


- Not beating myself up just being accountable for my actions , and moving forward

4/20 Determined to stay on track

Today is my first holiday without my kids and I'm determined to make today a successful day!! I WILL NOT BINGE, I miss them very much, but I will not feed my emotions! I will make this a GREAT day!!!!!

Got on the Scale this morning, I'm down to 185.4 (from 197.8 last week when I got on the scale) Most of it was water weight & bloating from eating all the crap that I had over the prior weekend, I'm glad, now to get out of the 80's permanantly   

Next week will be just as successful, I really only had 1 day over my calories and I am going to make sure that I don't do that again!!!!

Monday- 1948 Deficit
Tuesday - 1301 Deficit
Wednesday- 1971 Deficit
Thursday- 1008 Deficit
Friday- 1916 Deficit
Saturday - 1819 Deficit
Sunday -   1671  Deficit

3500 calories =1 pound, my goal is to have a 10,500 calorie deficit at the end of next week for 3 pound loss! 

14-16 Water daily

 Today I have mowed the lawn and then I went for a 1.40 mile walk around the neighborhood! I'm 100% on track and determined to make sure that I stay that way! I've been following the Intermediate Fasting plan of eating after 11:00am and no more after 7pm or basically an 8 hour window

Today my last food was at 8:30pm 
1292 food  16 water

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