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Just too funny.

After work I stopped at my mom and dad's house where my two oldest children, and my sister happened to already be. My mother, sister and two girls were seated around the island and I stood just off to one side chatting with them. While I was standing there, my nephews rubber snake caught my eye. I picked up the rubber snake and being the person I am I decided that I would just hold it next to my mothers head until she turned around and saw it, I didn't figure it would elicit much of a reaction since she had bought my nephew the snake, but I am willing to give it a shot.

Well, my mother turns her head to say something to me and sees me holding this snake about an inch from her nose. She screams, jumps out of her chair, slaps me in the boob, runs around to the other side of the island and exclaims,"You made me pee my pants!" At this point I am laughing so hard I am in tears, my sister almost falls out of her chair and my kids are in hysterics. My father coming charging up the stairs wondering what on earth is going on because of my mothers scream and sees us practically rolling on the floor with laughter and my mom in the corner with her legs crossed still muttering about peeing her pants. As my dad starts laughing my mother runs to the bedroom to change her pants.

That is the best laugh I have had in a long time. They say that laughter is like jogging on the inside...well my insides got a great workout tonight. lmao


For those of you who may feel the urge to feel sorry for my mother, don't, this is how our family has always been, and she dishes out as good as she gets.

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