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Is it my turn yet?

I am suited up and ready for my walk on the treadmill. I say walk because I am not at a fitness level yet where running is an option. I have on my workout clothes, my sports bra, and my new tennis shoes. I grab a water from the refrigerator and start walking toward the room that houses my treadmill and other workout equipment. I have had my treadmill for over 2 years. It has less than 5 miles on it. If it were a car it would be considered mint condition.

I am hoping to sneak into the room without being noticed by my children. I know they won't think to look for me there, so once I am in I will be home free. Unfortunately, my youngest daughter spots me and follows me into the room, as usual she is carrying our chihuahua around with her. I don't think the dog has had to walk more than a few times on its own since we brought her home.

I get onto the treadmill to begin my walk, the belt starts to move and so does my daughters mouth.

"Mom, can I have a turn?"

"Not right now. Maybe later."

I start walking, a slow pace to get warmed up.

"Can I come on with you?"

"No dear, you might fall off."

"No I won't, you aren't going fast."

Smiling, I tell my daughter, "Isabella, please go play."

and then she does it...that whiney thing children do where they can make a one sylable word stretch on forever, "But Mom." only it sounded more like, "But Maaahhuum." with a small pause for a effect "Me and Pita wanna be by you."  She is six years old and already starting witht he guilt.

"Fine, but please be quiet."

That lasted all of 5 seconds.

"Are you done yet?", and a big sigh "Can I have a turn?"

I wasn't really in the mood to get onto the treadmill to begin with, and I couldn't see spending the next 45 minutes under the watchful eye of my daughter and the dog, so I said, "Yes, I'm done." and got off the treadmill. I believe I logged about 5 minutes total.

I started to leave the room, and as I did I heard my daughter say, "Pita do you wanna walk too?" Before I could turn to say no she set the unsuspecting dog onto the moving belt. Luckily the speed was still set to low so she just sort of plunked off the back end instead of being thrown into the wall behind it.

"Isabella, the dog can not use the treadmill!"

"But, Maaahhuum"



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