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Handling lack of support from those you love the most......

So with great power, comes great responsibilty in the words of the great Stan Lee (I think).  I've lost officially as of this morning 26 pounds and with that has come more confidence, more energy (and less sleep) and more awareness of other things in my world I want to fix.  Thankfully the air conditioning is behaving and I'll be able to get my kitchen sink snaked this weekend.  My son is home from his summer visit to dad and excited about scuba, happily working on his drivers permit and gearing up for school.  All is well and the natives are quiet.

I also find myself working  on channeling the things I can't fix.  I can't fix the fact that despite my hard work so far the most I've mustered from my family is "you look more comfortable in your clothes."  Until I reach the image they have in their head of how I should be, I will not get the kind of support I'd like from them.  An email invite to support me on MFP unanswered, no phone calls or emails to check and see how I'm coming along, etc.  I shouldn't be surprised given the nature of my immediate family, but still, this is the most dedicated I've been to my health and appearance since college really and some notice would be, well, noticed.  The good news is, even if I could see the image of myself in their heads, I wouldn't try to live up to it.  Funny thing about letting go, once you've done it, it's gone!  

So, we shall sally forth and fight the good fight in the battle of the bulge and leave those who would not follow us in the pillows of our now oversized clothes!  Tally ho!

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bokids3 wrote 71 months ago:
Well put!! I have some great support here but every now and again it feels good that they notice...AND SAY SOMETHING NICE!!!

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