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Dropping a Knowledge Bomb, part 1

So while I'm patiently waiting/working for these 20 winter blues pounds to wither away I figured I'd share some of the knowledge I've learned along the way, even though I took a break and regained some weight, I still think its a testament to what ACTUALLY works since I lost 37lbs to begin with. So here we go!

 1. Change the mindset of this being a diet. This isn't a "diet" this is just a different way you've decided to live your life. A new lifestyle as cliche as that may sound, its the most accurate. No longer are you the one who finds the closest parking spot when going to your favorite bacon grease restaurant, no longer do you decide to take an elevator vs ONE FLIGHT of stairs. No longer do you decide that you 'deserve' that cheeseburger after a long hard day at work on your feet. 

2. Realize 2 things: Food isn't the enemy, and you must LOVE yourself unconditionally. Food is your fuel now, think of yourself as a training athlete getting ready for the longest endurance and strength event that is called YOUR LIFE. If you put crappy food into your body, guess what? you're going to feel like crap after! Put the good high octane stuff in and your engine is going to purr like a cat. You're doing this because you LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to care about your health. This is for you, its time to stop surviving and start thriving!

3. Break your goal up into small goals. Make them SMART.


 A lot of people, myself included, came here with 50 or more to lose and it just seems overwhelming and you want to lose it like NEXT WEEK but it doesnt happen that way. Instead of getting frustrated with slow progress (which is still progress by the way), and giving up or resorting to a crash fad diet, break up that huge goal into something small and attainable so the motivation will carry you throughout your journey!

 4. Do the research. Find out what body type you are ( ), find out your calorie goal ( ), find a workout regimine or program that will get you there or at least through the first leg of your SMART goal. Do the work so you arent floundering and are like, "I'm doing all this hard work and getting nowhere!" Do the research and figure out what will work FOR YOU. Not everyone is going to be a marathon runner, not everyone wants to be able to deadlift 200lbs, not everyone wants to do crossfit and eat paleo, not everyone loves Jillian Michaels as much as I do. Find what will work for you. 

5. Be patient. This is the most important one. People jump in immediately and want to just be thin like yesterday, it doesnt work that way. 1lb a week is normal, 2lbs a week is considered EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS, anything more than that is unrealistic for most of us and unless you're obese or morbidly obese you might never see a 3lb loss in a week. BE patient, keep working hard and you will see progress. It usually takes a month before YOU FEEL any change in your body, 2 months before YOU SEE the change in your body and about 3 months before OTHERS start to notice a change, and thats just people who are close to you. Most people wont really notice until about 4 months or 30lbs or so. NO one said a peep to me at work until I had already lost almost 30lbs, so relax and just put in the work and you will get there!

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