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A good reason to take that before picture, motivation for the AFTER picture!

Last year I started an experiment in my life, trying to be more positive about myself image, attitude, and trying new things that scare me. Basically stepping outside of my comfort zone. Last summer in the spirit of experimentation I decided to start working out and eating right just to see if it would work, for some reason I was convinced this extra weight I had gained over the past few years was permanent or something.

 So I started Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and began tracking my food on (I have tried and failed many times on that site since I was 20). Fast forward to 4 weeks down and it worked. It had actually worked, wouldnt you know? Science. I had lost 3 inches on my waist in only a month, and that was before I even really discovered sodium having an impact on my weight/body or how important protein was. At the time I was ranging between 1400-1700 calories with a macro breakdown of 40% carb & 30/30 fats & protein. 

And then I moved, and somehow between the horribly disorganized move, total exhaustion, and not having a microwave or gas in my apartment for over a month I completely fell off the wagon. But thats a story for another day. 

The thing is, I never took "before & after" pictures because I knew in my head I probably couldnt keep with it. Even I doubted my own self back then. I thought of it as an experiment that I was bound to fail, and I did, temporarily. 

 Now fast foward to this summer and I've been at this again for 90 days now, with the bigger picture in mind and a LOT more knowledge about my nutrition and fitness than ever before. I cant help but be glad I took those "before" pictures in gave me somethign to look forward to- being able to take "after" shots. 

Currently I'm about 6 months away from reaching my ultimate goal weight and I'll probably chime in with another 90 day update at the end of October.  I just wanted to share my story thus far, 90 days in, with a lifetime of fitness and health ahead of me. 

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lostinthe619 wrote 120 months ago:
I guess I should take that before picture... Ugh...

Keep up the hard work, it'll all pay off.
myfitnessval wrote 120 months ago:
definitely take it!! it gives you motivation to keep pushing AND you can feel accomplished on those days when you know youve lost but dont feel it lol

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