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Re-motivational speech to me!

Ok.. so I've maintained my weight this week.. which isn't so bad.. but I feel in danger of falling into a rut of making excuses for my 'treats' and lack of exercise!

Here is a list of the excuses I make to myself regularly... and how I overcome them when I'm feeling motivated!

1. Being at home with my 7 month old all day, I don't have time to exercise.

This is absolute rubbish! Last week I was fitting in my 20mins of 30DS when he had his morning nap.. I was going out for a run 3 times a week when my husband got home from work.. and there's nothing stopping me taking him out for a brisk walk!!

2. I'm just too tired to do it today.

This easily falls into a cycle and before I know it I've gone a week doing very little exercise. Just 20mins a day is better than nothing.. and when feeling tired there's nothing better than a bit of fresh air to pick you up again!

3. It's raining outside (i'm in the UK.. this is a common one!!)

Well do something indoors then! (Duh!) I could go for a swim.. our local pool is only a 5min drive. I could do an exercise DVD at home. Or in weeks when i'm feeling really motivated i'll suck it up and go for a run anyway!

My food issues aren't so clean cut as my laziness with exercise.. I always start out with the best intentions! My 3 meals a day aren't generally too bad if i'm at home, but I'm easily tempted if eating out. Snacking is my main problem! If i'm bored i'll find myself standing in front of the fridge with the door open before I realise what I'm doing! I'll snack while I'm waiting for dinner to be ready.. I'll pick at bits of my little boys meals (eating the crusts from his sandwiches is the worst)... and I get real munchies later in the evening, resulting in either junk food snacks I don't need or a glass of wine.

So my goals for this week are to..

1. Enter my 3 meals a day into the planner in the morning so that I know how much space I have left for snacks through the day.

2. Enter all food into the database BEFORE eating it.. don't eat it and then think 'crap'!

3. If I feel like snacking, drink a glass of water first.. I don't drink anywhere near enough water anyway so am probably thirsty most of the time!

4. Try to snack more on fruit / nuts and healthier options rather than potato chips and choccie!


I will do my 30DS EVERY day this week.. I will fit in at least 3 additional cardio sessions.. I will lose 2lb this week and finally hit the 180's!

 Bring it! xx

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