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Enter the August Member of the Month Contest

In June we launched our Member of the Month contest on Facebook. We’ve been so inspired by the amazing stories of transformation we have read and the pictures you have shared. Thank you for the incredible response, we look forward to more of the same!

For the month of August we want to celebrate the power of exercise. So, we invite you to enter this month’s Member of the Month contest by submitting a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite fitness activity and up to 500 words describing how exercise was key to achieving success.

At the end of the month, we’ll review all the entries and share the winner’s story with the whole community. August’s winner will receive a Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor, a Runtastic Sports Armband and a one-year Runtastic Gold Membership.

Visit our Facebook page to find out more:

July Member of the Month Contest Winner: Crystal B.!

As part of our Member of the Month contest, each month we invite you to send in a picture and a short paragraph answering a question about how you’ve made MyFitnessPal a part of your life. Last month, we asked you to send in photos of yourselves engaged in healthy summertime activities, and to tell us about how MyFitnessPal supports your healthy lifestyle.

As you can imagine, we read hundreds of inspiring stories and sorted through even more pictures! We can’t wait to share some of them with you over the weeks and months to come. But for now, we’d like to announce July’s Member of the Month: Crystal B.

Congratulations, Crystal!

Crystal won our hearts, a Fitbit Aria scale and Fitbit Flex with this picture of her and her kiddo out on a healthy summer hike.

Crystal calls MyFitnessPal her "accountability partner" and wrote: "Every time I finish a workout, a swim, a hike...I can't wait to put it into MyFitnessPal and find out how many calories I burned! Eating healthier and practicing portion control has never been easier since I started using this app. I love that feeling at the end of the day when I can look at all my workouts and see how much I accomplished! 26 pounds down, 14 to go! MyFitnessPal and my healthy lifestyle go together like 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on a homemade oatmeal pancake!"

A big thanks to Crystal and all of our members who entered our July contest. Be sure to "like" our Facebook page for details about this month's contest, coming soon!

A note from our founders about the future of MyFitnessPal


Today marks a big day in MyFitnessPal history. We are excited to announce that we’ve received a recent round of funding that will allow us to continue innovating and growing as a company. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the firms of Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers and Accel Partners on this next phase of living out our mission to help you, our users, reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Until now, we’ve built our company from the ground-up without any outside investment. We’ve used our profits to bootstrap our growth for years. So why are we taking an investment now?

Well, we have big ideas for MyFitnessPal, and we want to bring them to life for you, now. We want to build the best, most complete personal health and fitness system. More than that, we want to help create a healthier world by helping individuals everywhere create healthy habits and live healthier lives. These are big, audacious goals, but we are confident that the experience and resources of KPCB and Accel will help us make them a reality.

What does this mean for you, our users?

This new investment will allow us to grow and expand our existing service, providing even more data and insights to help you make better decisions about your health every day. The easier we can make tracking, the more likely you are to be successful in your health and fitness goals. This funding will allow us to do just that, adding more analytics and advice to better serve our members.

The way we see it, if you succeed, we succeed.

There are so many things we’ve wanted to build but we’ve had to grow very slowly and carefully, until now. We look forward to using these funds to deliver the insights and features we have long wanted to create for you. We will also be expanding our presence around the world so millions of people like you can experience MyFitnessPal and fall in love with their new active and balanced lifestyles!

Got suggestions on new features? Send them our way. As always, we’re all ears!

Mike, Al and the MFP Team
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