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Featured Partner: iHealth - Automatically log your weight to stay on track with your fitness goals!

Manually logging your weight every day or every week can be a pain. Fortunately, MyFitnessPal has partnered with iHealth, which designs innovative, mobile personal healthcare products. With this partnership, both of the iHealth scales now sync your weight data automatically and wirelessly with your MyFitnessPal account - so you don't have to.

The iHealth Wireless Scale uses Bluetooth technology to instantly measure, save, and track your weight. This scale is lightweight, can be used offline, and supports multiple users so the whole family can use it. The iHealth Wireless Scale saves you time by syncing your weight directly into your MyFitnessPal diary. It retails for only $69.95 and can be purchased here.

The iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale offers a more in-depth view of your overall health. It measures and tracks multiple characteristics of your body composition: weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, body mass index, and visceral fat rating. The scale can keep track of up to 20 individuals. It costs $109.95 and can be bought here.

All ready to sync your iHealth scale with your MyFitnessPal account? Get started now!

Featured Partner: Runtastic - Use One Log In to Link All of Your Apps

Great news, MyFitnessPal and Runtasic users! MyFitnessPal now supports data sharing with even more Runtastic apps. The best part? You only have to remember one login to be able to access them all!

Back in October, MyFitnessPal connected with the original Runtastic app and the Runtastic Pedometer app; and now you can link any of their apps in the Fitness Apps Collection through the main Runtastic page! All apps are available on both iOS and Android, except where noted.

Not sure which app you want? Check out the descriptions below:

Runtastic (Pro and Lite versions): Track your runs and activities, improve your performance, and receive live cheering during your workouts to stay motivated!

Pedometer (Pro and Lite versions): The pedometer that works anywhere on your body - download it now! No configuration needed — just push a button and start walking.

Runtastic Wintersport (Pro and Lite versions): It's your perfect partner for all kinds of winter sports. Stay fit during the coldest time of the year and keep off those pesky holiday pounds.

Cyctastic: Your personal sports and health assistant for all kinds of exercises, including cycling, mountain biking, and running.

Walktastic: It doesn’t matter if you are walking for exercise, hiking, or simply strolling along with friends — keep track of your improvement and progress further.

Runtastic Push-Ups (Pro and Lite versions): Your personal push-up trainer, which helps you build the strength to complete 100 push-ups within 8 weeks. Android availability coming in May.

Runtastic Sit-Ups (Pro and Lite versions): Use your phone to count your progress, flatten your stomach, and coax those ab muscles into showing! Android availability coming in May.

Runtastic Squats (Pro and Lite versions): The app is your personal trainer that monitors and records your squat workouts as you go. Android availability coming in May.

Runtastic Pullups (Pro and Lite versions): Use an easy to follow scientific sports training plan that helps you build strength and see constant improvement. Android availability coming in May.

Runtastic Mountain Bike (Pro and Lite versions): Track your rides, races, and training workouts with your iPhone turned cycling computer!

Runtastic Road Bike (Pro and Lite versions): Leverage the same functionality as Runtastic mountain bike and even compete with your friends!

Excited to link your MyFitnessPal account to all of your Runtastic apps? Go here to get started. And remember: since all the apps share the same login, you only have to link once to sync them all!

Featured Partner: Zumba Fitness - Move to a New Beat

We are thrilled to announce another new partnership—this time, with Zumba Fitness, an effective, Latin-inspired dance fitness party. We’ve heard your requests, and you can now track the calories you’ve burned in your latest Zumba class through MyFitnessPal. Simply log into MyFitnessPal, visit your diary, add "Zumba" to your exercise list, and voila! Your Zumba calories will be added to your Daily Summary, increasing your Net Calories for the day. So be sure to log into MyFitnessPal to track your Zumba calorie burn, and take another step closer to good health and happiness.

PS – Zumba Fitness recently launched The Great Calorie Drive, through which it will donate the calories you shake off in a Zumba class to the United Nations World Food Programme and Feeding America to help end global hunger. It runs from now until June 30th, so start "donating" today!

Android Beta Test — Looking for Volunteers

We've heard a lot of requests for updates to the Android app, and we’ve been hard at work to accommodate those requests. Now, we’re looking for a limited group of avid MyFitnessPal Android users to try out the Beta version of our latest Android app and share their experiences with us.

What's in it for me?
This is a unique opportunity for you to gain priority access to the newest version of MyFitnessPal before it becomes publicly available. You will also play a critical role in shaping the development of our Android app and ensuring that it meets your needs and the needs of your fellow members.

What do I need to do to sign up for the beta test?
All you need to do is fill out this form; we’ll take it from there. This is a limited beta test, and there is a chance you won’t be selected. With that said, we will do our best to give priority to those who respond first. And for those of you who don’t get selected, please don’t be disappointed. You can rest assured that this is coming soon to a phone near you!

Is there anything else I should know?
Anyone with an Android device can apply, but if you are accepted, please be prepared to answer a few questions about your experience with the app (i.e. give us your opinion about the application, and let us know of any bugs/crashes that you encounter).

So go ahead and sign up today. We’ve got some exciting changes in store for you, and we’re eager to hear what you think.

We look forward to working with you!

- The MyFitnessPal team
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