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Welcome, Netpulse & Johnson Health Tech!

We are thrilled to announce that MyFitnessPal has partnered with two leading fitness equipment platforms, Johnson Heath Tech and Netpulse, in an effort to make it easier for you to capture fitness data from your gym workouts.

Netpulse offers a personalized media experience for fitness equipment, and MyFitnessPal has been integrated into its new web platform, NetpulseOne. This means that if your gym uses equipment powered by NetpulseOne, you will be able to sync your fitness data with your MyFitnessPal exercise log, to make tracking as smooth and accurate as possible. And since Netpulse has partnerships with 8 of the leading commercial fitness equipment manufacturers—which accounts for over 75% of global fitness equipment sales to health clubs—you have a pretty good shot at being able to take advantage!

MyFitnessPal has also integrated with Johnson Health Tech, the 3rd-largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world, and owner of the premier brand, Matrix. You will be able to link your MyFitnessPal account on Matrix’s new 7xi series cardio equipment consoles for automatic syncing within the next few months, so stay tuned for more on that front.

If you’re familiar with either Matrix or NetpulseOne, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks, and we hope these integrations prove useful to you!

Featured Partner: EveryMove - Reap the rewards from your workouts!

MyFitnessPal is excited to announce an integration partnership with healthy living rewards program EveryMove, a TechStars alumnus. EveryMove offers consumers the equivalent of a mileage rewards program for their health. Through our partnership, all MyFitnessPal members will be able to leverage their healthy lifestyles to accumulate points and receive rewards from EveryMove’s health and retail industry partners.

Participants can connect their EveryMove and MyFitnessPal accounts to earn points by checking in at the gym, tracking movement, measuring miles, or simply logging activities. Accumulated points can then be applied towards rewards from businesses that applaud healthy living—including gift cards, merchandise, services, and even charitable contributions. Together, MyFitnessPal and EveryMove encourage you to stay healthy and enjoy doing it.

With the MyFitnessPal and the EveryMove program, your daily exercise routine rewards you. Start earning rewards for the healthy activities you’re already doing by connecting your account.
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