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Featured Partner: Expresso - We've partnered with the coolest stationary bike on the planet!

MyFitnessPal is now synced with Expresso, the unique stationary bike from Interactive Fitness. Admittedly, this high-end stationary bike does come with a steep price tag so we know not everyone can be so lucky to use this new MyFitnessPal partner, but for those of you fortunate enough to belong to a gym that owns one of these bikes or happens to have a really sweet home gym, you can now automatically upload your Expresso workout to MyFitnessPal. To find out where the nearest gym is in your area with an Expresso bike, click here.

Expresso sets itself apart from other stationary bikes in a variety of ways. The visual monitor attached to the bike together with the equipment itself are both designed to engage and motivate you while you workout, keeping your exercise fun but not distracting. The bike is fully integrated with the virtual ride on your monitor, meaning you use the handle bars to steer and shift and the resistance automatically adjusts to the terrain on screen.

Some other fun features unique to the Expresso bike include the option of going on biking tours (even in outer space!), having a personal pacer set to your level, and a leaderboard where you can compare yourself to other Expresso riders in your age group and gender. Also, Expresso offers you the chance to go on a virtual group ride with your friends, or, if you're not on the same schedule, share one of your previous rides with them and they can compete with your ghost. Yep, you can race your friends' time by chasing their ghost! The ghost function also allows you to race your personal best time visually.

With our new integration, your Expresso exercises now flow seamlessly into your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary. All you have to do is link your accounts and ride; we'll take care of the rest. Click here to link your account.

Cardio exercise has never been more fun than on the Expresso bike, and now with the integration with MyFitnessPal, keeping track of your progress has never been easier. Ride on, and learn more about the integration in the MyFitnessPal App Gallery!

Help MyFitnessPal win the Best Mobile App Award!

Do you love how easy it is to track your diet and exercise with MyFitnessPal? Then share your gratitude and enthusiasm for our app by nominating MyFitnessPal for the 2012 Crunchies Award in the Best Mobile App category! Just follow this link and simply click the "Nominate" button next to MyFitnessPal's name:

The Crunchies are an annual awards competition hosted by TechCrunch, VentureBeat and GigaOm to recognize and celebrate the best and brightest startups, internet companies and technology innovations of the year.

You can vote once a day, every day, until December 6 so encourage your friends to vote as well! After all, every vote counts! Thanks so much for helping nominate MyFitnessPal – we're honored and thankful for your continued support!

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Featured Partner: Scosche - Track your cardio with Scosche’s RHYTHM Pulse Monitor

MyFitnessPal has a new partner, Scosche! Scosche offers a unique RHYTHM Pulse Monitor – the first heart rate monitor that does not require a chest strap. The RHYTHM Pulse Monitor is worn on your arm and syncs with the Scosche app (for both Android and iPhone) to give you real-time feedback while you workout. You can now easily log your cardio exercises to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary.

A fun feature of the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor is it allows you to control your phone’s music library wirelessly to keep you entertained as you exercise. In addition to measuring your pulse, the device also records calories burned, distance, speed, pace, and even intensity level! Any type of athlete, from casual joggers to marathon runners, can use the customizable home screen feature to display the stats they want to track.

For a real-world view of your progress, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor offers route mapping that not only tracks your varying pulse levels but also records your start and stop points for each work out. A detailed and visual summary of your workout and a workout calendar showing past workouts also helps you track your progress over time.

Use the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor to track your cardio workout with ease and keep track o all your exercises and calorie in one place on your MyFitnessPal account. The RHYTHM Pulse Monitor costs $99.99 and available online at the Scosche website.

Learn more about the MyFitnessPal and RHYTHM Pulse Monitor integration or sync your accounts in the MyFitnessPal App Gallery.

Featured Partner: FINIS Swimsense - Track your exercise in the pool with the FINIS Swimsense watch

Today MyFitnessPal is excited to announce a new partnership with FINIS, the maker of revolutionary swimming equipment. Their Swimsense Performance Monitor is worn like a watch as you practice and records your calories burned, lap total, distance swum, splits, distance-per-stroke, and stroke rates. It’s like having an assistant coach on hand to track your progress!

To get started you simply press the iiM (Interval Interference Mode) button at the beginning of practice and then forget it – the Swimsense will do the rest. It automatically records intervals and which of the four strokes you are using. Your stats are available instantly and, with the MyFitnessPal integration, will upload directly to your Exercise Diary. You can now easily track all your calories burned and the durations of your workouts in one place – whether on land or in the water.

Another great feature of the Swimsense watch is how customizable it is. You set the pool size, meters, your gender and weight to increase the accuracy of the results. Getting accurate readings on pool exercises has always been tough, but with FINIS Swimsense, capturing and recording this information just got easier.

The Swimsense Performance Monitor sells for $169.99. Even better MyFitnessPal members get $20 off through 11/30/2012! Grab this deal here!

To Sync your MyFitnessPal account with your FINIS Swimsense watch, check out FINIS in the MyFitnessPal App Gallery.


Featured Partner: Endomondo - Endomondo keeps you motivated by making your workout social

MyFitnessPal is very happy to announce a new partnership with Google Editor's Choice app Endomondo. The Endomondo Sports Tracker app turns your mobile phone into one part personal trainer and one part social motivator while you are running, cycling, walking, skiing, kayaking… heck, even roller skating!

Whatever your sport, Endomondo makes your experience even more exciting and lets you track your data and monitor your performance over time. Now with the MyFitnessPal partnership, exercises logged on the Endomondo app will sync to your MyFitnessPal account so the calories you burn and the duration of the activity will automatically be logged to your Exercise Diary. 

What sets Endomondo apart from other fitness apps is the live audio coaching and motivation feedback it provides as you workout. This feature also allows you to add a social aspect your routine. One example is the beat-a-friend feature – when competing with a friend, the Endomondo audio coach will provide up-to-date feedback on how you’re performing against them.

Another feature from Endomondo that makes your workout more fun and social is peptalk. When your friends see that you are exercising, they can send a short message to you through the Endomondo platform. These messages are then read aloud to you as peptalks a few seconds later. Both the beat-a-friend and peptalk features help keep you motivated to complete your fitness goals.

Endomondo strives to make your workout more fun by adding a social and motivational dimension easily through your phone. And now that the exercises you record through Endomondo automatically sync to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary, enjoying yourself while getting fit is even easier!

Endomondo comes in a free and a PRO version ($4.99). The PRO version includes extra features like Interactive graphs, interval training, beat yourself, time & calorie goal and more.

Sync your MyFitnessPal account or learn more about getting started with Endomondo here.

Featured Partner: Striiv - Stay motivated with Striiv’s games, personal challenges, and social competition

MyFitnessPal has another great new partner to announce – Striiv! Striiv Smart Pedometer is a free app that tracks your activity throughout the day – including steps, activity minutes, distance, and calories. What sets Striiv apart from other fitness apps is its combination of crazy addictive games, competitions with friends, and personal challenges to keep you motivated!

With their partnership with MyFitnessPal, you will now be able to link your MyFitnessPal and Striiv accounts to automatically post the calories you burn with Striiv to MyFitnessPal.  Check out the app here

Another exciting aspect of the MyFitnessPal/Striiv partnership is the launch of a new activity tracker device, the Striiv Play Smart Pedometer, that complements the free app and allows you to keep track of your activity even when your iPhone isn’t nearby to make sure you always have a full record of your activity.  

With the addition of the Play, you will be able to measure your activity continuously throughout the day with an always-on, low energy, wireless device that minimizes the drain on your cell phone battery. It automatically syncs wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0 with the free Striiv iPhone app to bring you fitness based games and mini-apps that get you moving more. 

If you want to see the benefits of Striiv’s motivation on your fitness routine in action and check out the new Striiv Play Smart Pedometer visit to learn more!

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