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IPad App Update Now Available

We’ve recently released a new update for the iPad including many bug fixes and some new features:

  • Optimized graphics for the new retina display
  • Diary sharing: you can now view other people’s diaries if they’ve elected to share it with you
  • Various bug fixes

Please be aware that there is one known bug with this update: if you try to remove a friend, the app will crash.  We're working on a fix and hope to submit a fixed version to Apple later this week.  For now, users can remove a friend via the website.

If you see any other issues or encounter any problems, please just let us know. 

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoing MFP! 

Mike, Al, and the MFP team


Meet Our Customer Care Team

One of the things we've been working hard on is trying to improve our customer support. Until now, we've mainly relied on members providing other members with support through our technical support forums.  But we've been working hard to try to provide better support directly from us.
Most of you have already met Steven, but today, we're pleased to introduce you to the rest of our customer care team!  Please meet Natalie, Julie, Scott, and Fish. Natalie and Julie have actually been working at MFP for a while providing support for our mobile apps. Scott and Fish joined recently but are quickly getting up to speed.
All of them will be working hard to answer questions via email and our technical support forums. They'll also be helping to moderate the forums along with our amazing member-volunteer moderators.
We're also now providing email support for the website.  If you have a question that can't be answered through the technical support forums, you can ask us directly here:

We will do our best to answer any questions submitted within 48 hours. 
As a reminder, if you have questions, we have two other great ways to get help immediately.  First, you can check our knowledge base which contains answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Second, you can ask your question on our technical support forums:

On the forums, other MyFitnessPal members can provide you help, and our team will also attempt to answer as many questions as possible.  You can also search the forums, as, many times, the question that you are asking has already been asked and answered before.
We look forward to helping/supporting you!
Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying MFP.

Mike, Al, and the MFP Team
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