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Introducing our volunteer forum moderators

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we've been working hard to assemble a team of volunteers to help us moderate the message boards. The moderators will play a key role in ensuring the forums continue to run smoothly. These new mods will be granted some moderation privileges such as being able to move topics, delete topics, etc., and will be asked to help answer user questions, respond to any forum issues, and ensure that the forum rules are followed. Our hope is that the mods will be able to respond much more quickly to issues that crop up on the forums than we will. 

Today, I'm pleased to announce that we've put together our first group of volunteer moderators. All of the people below have generously offered to donate their time and effort to making the forums a better place for all of us:

  • SHBoss1673
  • catcrazy 
  • ms_natalie 
  • MCDerin
  • Nigel99 
  • arewethereyet 
  • stormieweather 
  • ladyhawk00

We've tried to create a group that represents a broad cross-section of the site.  We wanted a combination of newer members and long-time users, at least a few international users, and more than anything, a group of people we felt would be fair, impartial, diplomatic and welcoming.  We hope you'll agree that we've met that goal.

I also wanted to make it clear how the moderation system will work:

  • Any abuse reports submitted by members will be sent to the moderators so one of them can investigate and respond accordingly
  • As I mentioned, the mods will have a limited ability to perform additional functions on the site such as moving topics, deleting topics, locking topics, etc.  They will use these tools to address abuse reports as well as help members in any way possible
  • Any actions that the moderators take will be recorded, and are visible to all of the other moderators.  The mods cannot take any actions without all of the other mods knowing.  This is to ensure that everything the mods do is transparent to the other mods so that we all agree the action was necessary and appropriate. Any moderators found to have been abusing their privileges will be removed from the moderator team immediately.
  • We plan on rotating moderators in and out periodically to ensure the team stays fresh. 
  • Finally, Al and I will retain the final decision on any actions made by the mods, so if you have any issues with something the mods have done, you are always free to bring it up with one of us.

Since the moderation system is new, I'm sure there will be some kinks as the team gets started. The way the system works today will defintiely change over time.  My hope is that the system will continue to improve as all of us work through the issues that will crop up, and that the site forums will in the end be better than ever. 

We're absolutely thrilled to have such an amazing group of people as our first group of mods.  I hope you will all join me in welcoming them to their new roles, and sending them a huge thanks them for all of their efforts!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please just let us know. Hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike and Al

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