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iPhone Update Available: Recipe Calculator, Quick Tools, Complete Your Diary

We just released an update for our iPhone app with a bunch of great new features:

  • Recipe Calculator: You can now calculate the nutritional contents of your own recipes within the app, then add them to your diary like any other food.  If you've already been using this feature on the website, your recipes will sync over to the app.

  • Quick Tools: We've added several Quick Tools to the diary which will allow you to copy meals and exercises from a previous day to today.  If you often eat the same foods daily, or perform the same exercises, this should be a huge time saver.  

  • Complete Your Diary: We've added a button labeled "Complete Your Diary" to the diary page.  If you use our website, you'll probably be familiar with how this works: once you've finished logging your meals and exercises for the day, tap this button and you'll receive a projection of your weight loss if every day over the next 5 weeks were the same as your current day.  This is a fun way to see how your food and exercise choices might impact your future weight loss.  If you don't like this feature, you can turn it off by tapping "More", then "Settings", and switch "Show Complete This Entry Feature" to "Off".

  • Various minor improvements: this update also includes hi-res graphics for iPhone 4 users, a bunch of bug fixes, and other minor enhancements

These new features are currently only available in the iPhone app, but we're working on adding them to the Android app as well. 

To install the update, just open the App Store on your iPhone/iPod Touch and tap the Updates tab. An update for MyFitnessPal should be available to install. 

As always, if you have any questions/comments, or encounter any issues with the new features, please just let us know.

Hope you are all enjoying the site and the app!

Mike & Al

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