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New iPhone offline version - Beta testers needed

 *UPDATE*  - we've got enough users for our test, so we're no longer accepting any applications to the beta. If you didn't make it in, don't panic - we hope to have the final version ready shortly for everyone to use.


At long last, we're very close to releasing a new version of our iPhone app.  There are a few minor enhancements, but the major new feature in this version will be the ability to use the app offline.  For iTouch users, this will be a huge benefit - you won't have to be connected via wi-fi in order to use the app.  Instead, the app will just save your entries locally and synchronize to the website when online access is available.  For iPhone users, this version should feel a little faster, plus it will contain some minor new features like a new Recently Used Foods list, and the ability to have your favorites lists across ALL meals, not just one meal.

In order to make the app work offline, we ended up having to rewrite large portions of the app, so before we release it to everyone, we'd like to conduct a beta test with some volunteers to make sure we have all the major kinks worked out.  If you're interested in helping us test the new version, please send me a message on MyFitnessPal with the following information:

1) What device you are using (iTouch, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS)

2) What version of the iPhone OS you have on your device.  You can find this by going to "Settings" on your device, then tap "General", then tap "About".  The iPhone OS version is listed under "Version"

3) What country you live in (U.S., Canada, etc.)

4) Your email address

5) How long you've been using MyFitnessPal for (roughly)

I also will need you to send me the UUID of your iPhone/iTouch.  You can find your UDID by taking the following step:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iTouch to your Mac or PC.
  2. When iTunes opens, click on your device under the "Devices" section in the left-hand column.
  3. The "Summary" tab in iTunes should now be visible. Click the "Serial Number" label.  You'll notice "Serial Number" changes to "Identifier".
  4. Click on "Edit" in the menu at the top and select "Copy"
  5. Now compose a mail message to me, and you can paste that Identifier into the mail message. 

Please don't post this information as a comment to this blog post.  Instead, send me a mail message through MyFitnessPal by visiting:

Anyone can apply, but if you are accepted, we do require that you answer a few questions about your experience with the app, i.e. give us your opinion about the application as well as let us know of any bugs/crashes/etc. that you find.  We probably won't be able to accept everyone, so please don't be disappointed if you don't make it into the beta.  We hope to have the official app available very shortly.

Also, here's a couple of quick updates about other mobile devices:

Android: We've begun work on an Android app, and it's coming along nicely.   We're not quite sure when the app will be complete, but we'll keep you all posted as soon as we have more news.

Blackberry: We haven't started building a Blackberry app yet, but we've begun planning/designing one.  Once the Android app is complete, Blackberry will be next on our list. 

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the site!

- Mike & Al 


Sharing on Twitter now available

As promised, sharing on Twitter is now also available.   To share your MFP updates on Twitter, go to:

Check the "Autopost updates on Twitter" box to start sharing. 

As with Facebook, sharing on Twitter is entirely optional.  Nothing will be shared on Twitter unless you request it.  You can also configure what types of updates you share, so if you prefer to only share your weight loss, for example, you can do so.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or on the message boards. 

Hope you're all enjoying the site. 

Mike & Al 

Share your MyFitnessPal updates on Facebook

We implemented Facebook connect last night so that you can automatically post all of your MyFitnessPal status updates to Facebook.  Now all of your Facebook friends can stay updated on your progress and offer you support and motivation.  When you lose weight, they can congratulate you, and if you lose momentum and stop logging, MyFitnessPal can let them know so they can encourage you to get back on track.

To turn sharing with Facebook on, go to "My Home", and click on the "Connect with Facebook" link in the right-hand column, or go to:

and click the "Autopost updates to Facebook" checkbox.  

One important thing to note is that you can adjust what types of updates you share on Facebook.  So, if you only want your Facebook friends to get notified when you lose weight, you can configure your sharing options to ONLY share weight loss posts.  Just go to and turn off any options you don't want to share.  Everything is 100% configurable by you, so if you don't want to share something, you don't have to.

We hope this will provide everyone with another way to get the support and motivation they need to succeed.  So start sharing everyone, and get motivated!

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

P.S. Sharing on Twitter is coming soon! 

NEW - Exercise news feed updates

Last night we added a new type of status update to the site - when you log a cardio exercise to your diary, an update will go out to your friends letting them know so that they can offer words of encouragement and keep you motivated.

As with all of the news feed updates, if you don't wish to share your exercise information with your friends, you can turn exercise updates off by going to "My Home", then "Settings", then "Automatic News Feed update settings."  Uncheck the box labeled "I perform a cardio exercise" and exercise updates will no longer be displayed on your profile or in your friends' news feeds.

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

Site may be slow - UPDATED: Fixed

UPDATE: the issues should be resolved and the site should be operating normally now.  Thanks for your patience!


Our ISP is currently experiencing some issues which may cause the site to be slow.  We're working with them to correct the problem ASAP.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We'll do our best to get everything working normally as quickly as possible.

Thanks, and hope you are enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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