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Show favorites for all meals

One of the most requested features on the site has been the ability to show your favorite foods from all meals, not just the meal you are logging.  For example, if you often eat the same food for dinner that you ate for lunch, you might find it frustrating that your favorites for "Lunch" are completely separate from your favorites for "Dinner" - you'd prefer to just have one list for all your meals.  So tonight, we added the ability to do just that.

After you click on "Add Food" from your Food Diary page, next to the "Or, quickly add your favorite items for:" title, you'll now see a small link that says "Show favorites for all meals".  If you click on it, you will switch to a mode where you will now see your most used foods for ALL meals, not just the meal you are adding to.  This mode will also be retained for the "Recent" tab, i.e. you will be shown your most recently eaten foods for ALL meals.  Click that link again and you will switch back to only seeing your favorites by individual meals.

Hope this helps.  If you have any questions, just let us know.

Hope you're all enjoying the site!

Mike & Al 

UK users - what do you need?

One of the projects we're working on is trying to improve the site for international users.  Currently, we're focusing on the UK, so we'd like to ask our UK users - what can we do to improve the site for you?  For example, for UK users, we plan on implementing the following:

  • Your weight will be recorded in stones and pounds
  • Height will still be in feet and inches
  • Food weights will still be in grams or ounces

Please let us know if those are the measurements you prefer to use.

We'd also like to:

  • Work on getting more UK foods in the database
  • Modify the "New Food" form for UK users to better match the nutrition labels in the UK, i.e. change the ordering of nutrients to match UK nutrition labels, etc., so that it is easier to input UK foods

Some questions we still have are:

  • What units are fluid volumes commonly measured in in the UK?  Do you use fluid ounces, ml, cups, pints, etc.?  And are the UK fluid ounces actually different in size from U.S. fluid ounces?
  • Can anyone send us some pictures of sample nutrition labels in the UK?
  • Is there anything else that UK users need that we are missing?

If you're from the UK, we'd love to get your input on how we can make the site better for you.  So please let us know what you need in the comment.

By the way, we're also very interested in tailoring our site to other countries as well, so if you're from Canada, Australia, etc. and have some specific requests, feel free to let us know those as well.

Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying the site! 

Our apologies for the downtime this morning

Some of you may have noticed that the site experienced an extended downtime this morning.  For about an hour and a half this morning, most users were either unable to access the site or saw a "Site down for maintenance" notice.  Unfortunately, we had a key server crash, and it took us much longer than we liked to recover from the crash.  The good news is that everything on the site should be working properly now.  If you are still experiencing any issues, please let us know and we'll look into them ASAP.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the downtime caused, and we're planning on making some modifications to our infrastructure to try to avoid similar downtime in the future, or at the very least, minimize the amount of time necessary to recover from a crash. Our top priority has always been to make sure the site stays up and loads as quickly as possible, so it was disappointing to us to have experienced downtime like we did this morning.  We will do our best to ensure that such downtime happens as rarely as possible.

So sorry again for the inconvenience.  We hope you're all enjoying the site otherwise.

Mike & Al 

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