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Change your username (once) and edit old weight entries

A number of people have asked whether they could change their username without losing all of the diary entries they've created.  Well, now you can!

I added the ability today to change your username ONE TIME ONLY.  I limited it to only one change per account because I didn't want people to be constantly changing their username and confusing other members of the community.  But you can change it once, so make sure to choose wisely when you pick your new name - you won't be able to change it again.

 To change your username, go to "My Home", then click "Settings", then "Change Username".

A lot of folks have also wished they could change their starting weight or other old measurement entries so that their weight loss badges are more accurate.  So today, I added an area where you can edit your old measurement entries as well as your starting weight. 

Just go to "My Home", then "Check-in", then click on the "Edit Previous Entries" button.  You'll be taken to a page where you can see all of your past entries and delete them or add new ones as you'd like.

Finally, I modified the way we were calculating your weight loss on your weight loss badges.  Previously, the way I had been determining how much weight you had loss was to calculate the difference between the very first weight entry you had entered on the site and your current weight. The problem with this method is that if you ever gained weight and exceeded that initial starting weight, you wouldn't get credit for losing it back. 

For example, if the first weight you entered on the site was 200 lbs., but you stopped using the site, got into some bad habits, and peaked at 220 lbs, then got back on track and now weight 180lbs, your weight loss would only be displayed as having lost 20 lbs (200lbs - 180lbs).   

I've now changed the badges to show the difference between your highest weight and your current weight.  So in the example above, your weight loss would be shown as 40 lbs (220lbs - 180lbs) which is more motivating and more accurate.

If you have any problems or questions about using these new features, just let me know. Thanks! 

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