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Version 3.0 of our Iphone App Now Available - Friends, News Feed, and More

We're pleased to announce that a new version of our iPhone app is now available in the App Store.  This release focuses on adding access to MyFitnessPal's social features within the app, specifically:

  • Friends: You can now invite friends and approve/ignore friend requests from within the app.  You can also view their profile and activity stream by tapping on their username.

  • News Feed: Your news feed is also now viewable from within the app so you can easily keep tabs on how all of your friends are doing and provide each other with support and encouragement.  Create new status update and leave comments on your friends statuses - all within the app. 

  • Messages: You can now also use the app to send and read private messages to other MFP members.  You have full access to your inbox so you can compose messages, delete messages, reply, and more. 
As a bonus, we've also created a new "Weekly" view on the Home tab - just tap "Weekly" towards the top of the screen and you'll get a weekly view of your net calorie goal.  This is a feature a lot of members requested, so we hope you like it.  
If you're looking for your daily nutritional summary, it's still there - just tap on "Nutrients" on the Home tab.
Finally, as a reminder, you can control what status updates get automatically created by going to the "My Home" tab on the website, then "Settings", then "Automatic News Feed Update Settings".  Any changes you make to these settings on the website will also be reflected in the app.  In our next update, we'll make these settings configurable from within the app as well.
If you run into any issues/bugs with the new version, please let us know! We'll look into them ASAP.
Hope you are all enjoying the site!
Mike & Al 

P.S. We will be bringing all of these new features to the Android app as well, so stay tuned! 

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Dom80 wrote 90 months ago:
when is the android app update coming?
toots99 wrote 90 months ago:
So awesome...Thanks for all the hard work to make it easier on us!
mike wrote 90 months ago:
Dom80 - next version of Android app will include Recipes, Quick Tools, and "Compete Your Entry" and we're working on it as we speak. After that, we'll work on adding the social features that we just added to iPhone. Definitely working hard to bring Android up to date with iPhone!
rtmama wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks Mike, it sounds fantastic!!!
jasons wrote 90 months ago:
Very nice!

Question -- why in the last two versions does the retina display icon start to load then go away right after the install completes?
tmogs wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks mike ... It just keeps getting better and better
neelia wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks!! I <3 MFP and suggest it to all of my friends, especially iPhone users!
billylindsay wrote 90 months ago:
Liking the updated app
andrearuiz1979 wrote 90 months ago:
I have a windows 7 phone and love mfp can u please make an app for this phone that is hot right now =)=)

rlberg55 wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks for the update, but when can we get an ipad app! or at least make the iphone app work in landscape mode on the ipad. Thanks!
sparklesammy wrote 90 months ago:
love the new version on my iphone. : )
alantin wrote 90 months ago:
The weekly thing is great but I'm not really sure about the news feeds.. I like to have it simple for the phone app so is there any way to turn those features off?
gambitsgurl wrote 90 months ago:
Logged in this morning and found it! THANK YOU!!! LOOKS AWESOME!!!!
ashley0616 wrote 90 months ago:
It's BAMF. Thank you so much! I love it!
reneeot wrote 90 months ago:
thanks, loving it!!!
arewethereyet wrote 90 months ago:
PERFECT!! Sorry I couldn't help with the beta......still cant get my Itunes working on here.....but NO issues downloading new app right on my Iphone. Thanks for all the work you and Al put into this site!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!
powne wrote 90 months ago:
I don't like the friends feature all that much. If I wanted an application where I wanted to stalk my friends I'd get Facebook. Just wondering if i could turn off this "friends" feature along with the news feed off?

Also the nutrients tab -- the font is a little too big? I have to scroll down to see how much protein I'm consuming. Would prefer it if it were like the old one where all the nutrients are presented without having to scroll.

Thanks for the rest though!
Happy holidays!
CartoonChris wrote 90 months ago:
I would like the old nutrients home page back please. Before I could open the app and at a QUICK glance could see calories and nutrients. Now they're separated onto two different tabs. At the very least could you please put the calories on the nutrients tab?
tvisme wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks Mike....Th iphone app is fantastic and has helped me get rid of 55 pounds in 4 months. Thanks for all your hard work.
MassiveDelta wrote 90 months ago:
This is a fantastic update! I love it. Thanks so much.

*An idea for the next update. Push notifications for messages and maybe reminders for snack and meal times.
brooksie176 wrote 90 months ago:
Loving the new iphone app. Loving MFP and have reached my goal in time for the party week of the year Yay !!!
Mollydolly10 wrote 90 months ago:
SOOO happy with the update!! Thank you so much for integrating all of the social features! it beats having to use the web browser to check up on friends :) LOVE IT!!!
geeky1 wrote 90 months ago:
I soul like the news feed to be just on the friend tab so that the diary remains as previous version with nutrients. I do not use MFP for following others' progress, just my own. (one set of problems at a time!)
Otherwise, great app.
chrisdavey wrote 90 months ago:
love it. agree with the nutrients font though.
themyriadthings wrote 90 months ago:
I am loving this update! The weekly goal feature is extremely helpful, and being able to access the social features from my phone is just great! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to MFP!
Natural wrote 90 months ago:
the update is fantastic. you guys are great! thank you!
kvr414 wrote 90 months ago:
GREAT update!! Thanks so much! and thanks for making MFP so great!
lahlie wrote 90 months ago:
I love this, due to the fact that I do so much better with knowing my friends are watching me and that I can interact with them throughout the day. I am not allowed to use this site at work, so my phone is the only access I have to this site. The only thing that I would change is to have the daily summary and the nutrient summary on the same page and the friend feed on a different page. I think that would make everyone happy about the changes. Those who like the friend feed have it, those who don't still have the convenience of the summaries on one page instead of two separate...
anu_6986 wrote 90 months ago:
It looks great.... Just awesome! I have only one small problem with it, I can't go to the forum posts from it. If you could add that in the next update, it will be just perfect. Thank you so much for this update.
Valqis wrote 90 months ago:
Totally love it...used it on the iPad this past week!!! Rocks!!
melmi20 wrote 90 months ago:
I'm new, so I'm not sure if and where news on the Blackberry app is updated....but, any news??? Pretty please??
HazelDiva1913 wrote 90 months ago:
Thats awesome....will Android also be updated with the same capabilities?
Coffee24Luvr wrote 90 months ago:
Thank you so much for including the "Complete this entry" option on the Android app. I have it on my tablet and was wondering why it wasn't there.

Thank you and love the site!
KariandCo wrote 90 months ago:
I'd like to second the idea for a W7 app please! Unless Android will work on the W7 phones? (Still figuring mine out).

Thanks Mike!
Atrox wrote 90 months ago:
I saw this in your post:
"As a bonus, we've also created a new "Weekly" view on the Home tab - just tap "Weekly" towards the top of the screen and you'll get a weekly view of your net calorie goal. This is a feature a lot of members requested, so we hope you like it."

Will this be coming to the web page as well?!?!
Lightingstorm wrote 90 months ago:
When do you think this will be available for the android? I am anxious! I am already addicted to this site and I just started today! It is awesome!!!
Rebecca__Lynn wrote 90 months ago:
LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!
magicspell20 wrote 90 months ago:
Would love to see an app for my Palm Pre! Please!
Shaysuki926 wrote 90 months ago:
So glad you have an improved app for how about a damn app for blackberry, huh?? Jeez already!! Everybody else LOOOVES to use their phone for this. Us blackberry users have to just come to terms that they don't care about us. It's been a year or so already so...thanks MyFitnessPal.
gecho wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks Mike! Love the update!
natsab76 wrote 90 months ago:
Mike, thanks so much! Love all the new features! x
ChimarraoMate wrote 90 months ago:
Love it! Hey is there a way to click on a specific for a day and see what foods are contributing, and by how much?
ChimarraoMate wrote 90 months ago:
specific nutrient*
krismussen wrote 90 months ago:
Hi Mike

any app coming for Phone7? I would like to use this with my phone as well.
jpaul505 wrote 90 months ago:
I know this is irrelevant to this post but didn't see a email link for ya . I went to subscribe on your rss and all I got was html code of the main page. Just letting you know
Syreeta6 wrote 90 months ago:
I'm with Shaysuki926
"So glad you have an improved app for how about a damn app for blackberry, huh?? Jeez already!! Everybody else LOOOVES to use their phone for this. Us blackberry users have to just come to terms that they don't care about us. It's been a year or so already so...thanks MyFitnessPal."
Krizzle4Rizzle wrote 90 months ago:
Can't wait for this on android!
kewthi wrote 90 months ago:
Love this app and the new features are really helpful. Can there be a function to post to the blog from the app? Pleeease, pretty please. :) My blog keeps me motivated.
schninie82 wrote 90 months ago:
I think the update is means you dont have to log on onto a laptop or pc all the time... HOWEVER, since upgrading, every time I 'complete for the day' it doesnt show up in recent activities ALSO everything Ive dont in 2011 hasnt shown up either?????
orklord wrote 90 months ago:
I find using the iPhone app has advantages over the website now, such as quick peeks into calories for foods on search, which is great when I'm at a restaurant trying to figure out what to eat.

Adding in the social is a nice feature, too.
korova wrote 90 months ago:
The iphone app is great. The best part is being able to evaluate calories and make choices in restaurants etc when you are out and about. It is really handy to always be able to add foods as you eat them rather than waiting till you have access to the PC.
Up2down3 wrote 90 months ago:
Just started and I love the app for my iphone. It makes it so convenient and is a handy reminder to eat healthy. My daughter is able to use a bar code scanner on her android. When will the iphone users be able to do the same? Thanks for your hard work.
yolandagene wrote 90 months ago:
Since the iphone app update I can't enter decimals in the weigh-in. I need to enter 58.1 and yet there is only a comma available on the keyboard, but on pressing 'accept' it doesn't accept 58,1 and reverts to 58
aippolito1 wrote 89 months ago:
Lovelovelove the update so far!
nopeekiepeekie wrote 89 months ago:
Loving the updates on the app! Thanks so much for your hard work!
Mary_Burris wrote 89 months ago:
kathyteasley wrote 89 months ago:
Please add Windows 7 phone app !!!!!
imransc wrote 89 months ago:
Just a note: It's nice there's a weekly view on the app, can we get one on the website? Seems like it would be easier to implement on here...
DawnOf1969 wrote 89 months ago:
Wondering if an update to allow us to be able to view our friend's diaries is in the works? (iPhone).
mfkfoster wrote 89 months ago:
Love the new update had it for awhile. I love seeing what my friends are up too. I would like to see the forums and comment on them. It this possible? (iPhone)
elipnyc wrote 89 months ago:
Hey guys. New to myfitnesspal. My husband is on your iPhone app, I have a Droid X. I LOVE the barcode scanner and he wishes that the iPhone app had it. I like that he can see a weekly view and has friends capabilities. Any chance the update is coming soon for Droid users? And can you set up a way for friends to "share" meals? When we eat the same thing at home it would be great to not have to enter it all twice. Thanks!
as2011 wrote 89 months ago:
The only thing I don't understand is how I can see my 'nutrients' on my phone and not an overall viewing on my computer?

Secondly, when will the update the iPhone app so you can see other's diaries as well (ie your friends)...right now I can only see that on a computer and not on my phone.

WormWorld wrote 89 months ago:
Love Myfitnesspal, but desperatly need the Blackberry App as i travel too much. The IPhone and Android are getting upgrades but you still don't have the app for the BB. Please can you tell me when it will arrive as i am going away in 3 weeks for 3 weeks and i won't have use of a PC, but will have my BB. Yours desperatly Worm World
ptgrad2001 wrote 89 months ago:
love this app. can't wait for the android update. would love to have a weekly summary. I like the new barcode scanner. it would be nice if you could input data for a product scanned but not found in the data base.
KarenBorter wrote 89 months ago:
I am so happy Verizon is getting the iPhone ... that means that I am getting the iPhone and that means that I am finally going to have the MFP application wo0t!
MFPPatricula wrote 89 months ago:
It's a great app!

When doing "Multi-add", can the checkmark hot spot be widened? I almost always miss.

I think there should be a more flexible way to save items as a named meal. Currently, you can save and name an entire meal but not a subset of the items.
e.g. If a meal is bread, jelly, peanutbutter, milk, and carrot sticks, it would be nice to be able to save just the first three items and save it as "PB&J".
(Or is there a simple way of doing this already?)

Keep up the great work!
kewl_horsegirl wrote 89 months ago:
Who cares about improvements to the iPhone app? When is the app going to be even started for the BB???
Dubuque wrote 89 months ago:
I second the comment about the Blackberry app. That yellow in progress flag is looking pretty tired next to the picture of the BB phone.
Setof2Keys wrote 89 months ago:
I 3rd the BB app request. We're totally the red-headed step children here. Im desperate without it. I don't like trying to use the regular web since it shows the whole actual website in like .005 font... :) Please Mike, show us some lovin' too...
acolley1 wrote 89 months ago:
Great iphone app, but i have found one thing that doesnt work ... if you update your weight on the website and lose weight, it shows in the news feed that you have lost weight, but if you update your weight in the iphone and lose weight, it does not show on the news feed.... please can this be fixed. thanks anthony
DawniesLife wrote 89 months ago:
Looking forward to updates coming to the Android - hopefully soon!!!
digital_soul18 wrote 89 months ago:
Mike, please create the ability to upload progress photos on your profile from the iphone app. this is an AMAZING motivation tool!! PLS PLS PLS!!
bunnyfuture wrote 88 months ago:
It would be so awesome if you could somehow attach red laser to the fitness pal app so that you could just scan the bar code of the food and log things that way!
crazyeaCHANGED wrote 88 months ago:
I prefer sunday to be the start of the week and saturday to be the last day on the weekly view (as most calendars show), not monday. As it is right now when sunday is on the daily diary the weekly view dissapears and you have to scroll back every time the app is opened.
KadieA wrote 88 months ago:
Waiting for the Droid update. Love love love this app!
vanessasometimes wrote 88 months ago:
like most, im using this app all day long cause its amazing, so its on my front page. it sure would be nice if the icon was high resolution for the iphone4 retina display!
taso42_DELETED wrote 88 months ago:
Great idea. Let us know if you ever put a call out for additional coders! :)
keepitoff99 wrote 88 months ago:
Love it
SarahJaneDeschamp wrote 87 months ago:
You Rock, I Love This ♥
caree14 wrote 87 months ago:
still waiting to be able to see friends diaries thru the iPhone. I don't get on my computer much and would love to motivate my friends a little easier
lisa0805us wrote 85 months ago:
Hi i was wondering some of my friends have the App on there phone but it has a scanner button option is there an option for us iphone users for this application.
nidoe wrote 85 months ago:
sorry, if this was asked before: can i edit the nutrient summary on the bberry app? just want to see fat, carbs & protein?....but not the other details.

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