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UK users - what do you need?

One of the projects we're working on is trying to improve the site for international users.  Currently, we're focusing on the UK, so we'd like to ask our UK users - what can we do to improve the site for you?  For example, for UK users, we plan on implementing the following:

  • Your weight will be recorded in stones and pounds
  • Height will still be in feet and inches
  • Food weights will still be in grams or ounces

Please let us know if those are the measurements you prefer to use.

We'd also like to:

  • Work on getting more UK foods in the database
  • Modify the "New Food" form for UK users to better match the nutrition labels in the UK, i.e. change the ordering of nutrients to match UK nutrition labels, etc., so that it is easier to input UK foods

Some questions we still have are:

  • What units are fluid volumes commonly measured in in the UK?  Do you use fluid ounces, ml, cups, pints, etc.?  And are the UK fluid ounces actually different in size from U.S. fluid ounces?
  • Can anyone send us some pictures of sample nutrition labels in the UK?
  • Is there anything else that UK users need that we are missing?

If you're from the UK, we'd love to get your input on how we can make the site better for you.  So please let us know what you need in the comment.

By the way, we're also very interested in tailoring our site to other countries as well, so if you're from Canada, Australia, etc. and have some specific requests, feel free to let us know those as well.

Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying the site! 

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MrsDukart wrote 110 months ago:
I'm from the UK and you seem like you are on the right track.
Weight will be easier in Stones.
Usually things like milk come in Pints.
And other drinks come in litres/ml like coke and fizzy drinks etc.
If we talk about tea we use cups.
Then also with food we have tea spoon, table spoon etc
eg. 1 teaspoon or tsp of sugar
or 1 tablespoon (tbsp)of butter
that can be easier when we are measuring smaller amounts.

If I think of anything else I will add :)
MrsDukart wrote 110 months ago:

on the link there's an example of what we see on a chocolate bar in the uk, on most foods we see this kind of information, showing our guide line daily amounts and the percentages.
In certain stores we also see the weight watchers points value of certain items as this helps with people on the weight watchers diet plan.
nicktabs wrote 110 months ago:
Weight in Stones would be far easier! That's what my scales tells me.
cmw66 wrote 110 months ago:
Thought I would just mention that a teaspoon is 5ml and a tablespoon is 15ml in the UK . . .dont know if it is different in the US but it is in Australia!
cmw66 wrote 110 months ago:
Also a UK pint is 20 fluid ounces and a US pint is 18, so I guess that the ounces are the same just the amount used to define a measure is different.
cmw66 wrote 110 months ago:
I am in AUSTRALIA and we travel in kilometres at kmph, we weigh in kilos and grams, our measuring cup sizes are metric and our tablespoon is 20ml (I prefer all measures to be in ml or g rather than tsp or tbsp to resolve any chance of misunderstanding).
Ruby53 wrote 110 months ago:
Stones and lbs would be a brilliant addition!! other than that I cannot fault the site it is great!!
Rebecca1984 wrote 110 months ago:
I agree with the stones and lbs comments as this is the weights we get on our scales.
With the exercises if you can it would be really useful to have some more examples in there. For example I tried to enter spinning the other day and it didn't have any records.
If I am honest I am not 100% sure what calories are burnt during exercise so having some built in would make it a whole lot easier.
I have nothing but praise for this site and have the app on my iPhone!
suegothard wrote 110 months ago:
I agree stones and lbs would be more helpful, but so would being able to have height in feet and inches but weight in kilos. It might seem silly but I know my height in feet and inches but check my weight in kilos. Other than that, like others, I have found the site brilliant and helpful and have recommended it to others.
eileenseymour wrote 110 months ago:
It would be great to have food in ozs and pounds and also to know the British equivalent weights for your half cup and cup measures.
ukheather wrote 110 months ago:
Stones and pounds would be great!

We use; ml, pints, litres, pounds, kilogrames, ounces, teaspoon, tablespoon

If you scroll down on this page, it has conversions and a list of what we use:

We don't use the american measurement of cups over here.

I would love to also see the british equivalent for the cup measurements, as some foods are listed as cups but I don't know what that is, so it would be nice to see what the equivalent weight is when choosing a food.
StaceG1986 wrote 110 months ago:
I also agree that stones and pounds would be fab, as I always have to work out how many pounds it is when I get weighed to input on here!

Also the addition of 'ml' for measurements would be great, and the cup thing too, I don't use it currently as peoples opinion of what a 'cup' measurement actually is varies!

Apart from that the site is great!
jlbay wrote 110 months ago:
I use a book called "American Cooking in England" by Delora Jones to convert, because US and UK measurements are not exactly the same. Usually the differences aren't huge, but I honestly don't know what the difference in calories really comes out to. British milks (the fat levels differ), British eggs would be nice in the database.

I like that you are looking at the nutrition labels used in the UK - that should help.

I use a lot of metric - grams and ml, then if I need to, I have charts in this book that I can use to approximate.

The book I mentioned has complete charts with liquids, egg sizes, milk comparisons, dry goods, etc. It is very comprehensive with at-a-glance charts AND conversion charts with formulas. I'd be happy to give any details, just send me a message.

To get started:
1 US ounce = 29.57 ml
1 US pint = 16 US ounces = 473 ml

1 British ounce = 28.41 ml
1 British pint = 20 British ounces = 568 ml

1 US cup = 237ml

(dry) 1 US pound = 454g = 1 British pound

Sarah219 wrote 110 months ago:
Hi yes having it in stones and pounds would be the best i think . and yes we measure our fluids usually in mls , or pints or litres ! I love this site , it is the best thing to happen to me !!!
AnnieeR wrote 110 months ago:
I absolutely agree that stones/pounds would be fantastic!

As an American living in the UK I also agree with dumping reference to cups - I still have a set of American measuring cups, but they aren't used here much if at all and a "cup" would be widely misinterpreted I think.

I'm really impressed with how many British foods are already in the database! It might be nice to have a few more common restaurant dishes (chain places like Nandos maybe?)

Also, these aren't particularly British-centric suggestions, but I'd love a way of tracking GI/GL totals and a facility for adding in recipes.

I'm VERY new to the site so I apologise if any of these things are already available (I've only done an initial explore so far!)

I'm happy to send in some pictures - is thre an email address to use? And are you just after a bunch of random ones or any specific products?

Thank you for the great site! I love it!
SlaymakerGirl wrote 110 months ago:
When searching for friends in the UK 50 km is a massive area in the UK and it can be difficult to find a friend in your area with this.If it could be in smaller measurements like 5-10 miles that would be great.
upsy wrote 110 months ago:
I would love to be able add my excersises without affecting my calorie goal. As i use wii for excersising, i fing complicate to add time/kcal, cause there is no just singe excersize, would be great, if i could just track time and kcal manualy.
If you could make app what would help count kcal for homecooked food, it would be fantastic. Now i end up traciking piece by piece (i mean - if i could just write down weight of food and then divide by my portion size (or weight my portion and it would calculate kcal)
SASSYJAX wrote 110 months ago:
For sure stones and lbs a must.
Also I want to be able to easily create my own dinner recipe and use that for my food. Things I have a lot like veg soup or fish pie etc. They have a good one on and thats a good format to follow.
love the site, it is a godsend i am so grateful...I hope it remains free, I am on limited income so its lovely for me.
burner wrote 110 months ago:
how about separating the weight and height settings in the settings tab - so that you can choose how you measure your height and how your measure your weight separately - more customised.

Would love the full nutritional breakdown available on the iphone app to be available on the website too...

good idea with the nutritional info order - as does make it difficult to enter new foods.

One thing I noticed is that if someone as entered a food - but not all of the info available you can't overwrite it or edit it to contain more info...such as sodium or fat etc....

Anonymous wrote 110 months ago:
When adding to my food diary it would be helpful if all items were listed, rather than just ones previously used for that meal type. For example I might want to log something for dinner which I've previously had at lunchtime, but I have to search again. Also (as we're not always perfect!) it would be useful to have some generic takeaway food available for searching.
metroace wrote 110 months ago:
How about if something is in your database in cups (which we don't understand in the UK) that I can enter the amount of grammes or millilitres and the database does the calculation for us? After all, this should be possible as computers are just big calculators.
raychill007 wrote 110 months ago:
Also would like ye to add spinning to the exercise DB. And to be able to calculate homecooked meals - don't really know how that'd work - but surely it's not all that hard.
Oh and def agree that food I have for lunches/snacks should appear in the dinners/breakfasts sections too - they shouldn't all just be one meal or another.
metroace wrote 110 months ago:
raychill007 said:
Oh and def agree that food I have for lunches/snacks should appear in the dinners/breakfasts sections too - they shouldn't all just be one meal or another.

Totally agree!
mike wrote 110 months ago:
Thanks for the comments folks! This is great feedback for us, and we'll get working on some of these suggestions ASAP. If anyone has some photos of nutrition labels in the UK that they could upload somewhere for us, that'd be a great help as well. Thanks!
mellers1313 wrote 110 months ago:
love the sight, The food data base has alot of our foodstuffs in ( am in Ireland)
Like everybody else, stones and lbs would be fabbbbby. I get confused with just lbs. lol.

Looooooooooooove the site otherwise.

toogood wrote 110 months ago:
I agree with metroace's comment about entering the amount in grammes and millilitres and the database does the calculation for us. That would be excellent. I find measuring in grammes to be the most efficient and precise way with electric scales.

Mike what kind of nutrition labels are you looking for?
mellers1313 wrote 110 months ago:
OMG, So cups are like OUR cups ?!?!?!?! Feck. But I'm still loosing so I'm doing something right.

PS:Meant 'Site' in my previous comment.
fishernd wrote 110 months ago:
Has anyone noticed that sodium might be listed as GRAMS instead of mg? Someone I know had about 5mg of sodium listed for a soup, and as most of you know, there's no such thing as a next-to-zero sodium soup, especially if you buy it from a can at the supermarket!! Just want to make sure that people know the daily recommended dose is in milligrams, most definitely NOT in grams!
smallangel2010 wrote 110 months ago:
Stones and lbs would be great, I'm from Ireland, and we have mostly the same measurements as our British neighbours, only small difference I can think of is we get our milk in measured litres or ml not pints.
evilras wrote 110 months ago:
i echo the other comments. Stones are much easier as we have to google translate our weight into lbs!!

The sodium thing is the biggest issue. measuring it as salt would be easier. and the fact that sodium is the only major mg measure means people ALWAYS enter it wrong! lost count of how many things i've updated correctly!

Great site tho, and really works!
meokk wrote 110 months ago:
Hi Mike,
- stones/lbs AND kilos for weight would be ideal.
- fluid ounces are the same in both countries
- UK pints are larger than US pints. UK is 568ml, US is 473ml
- UK recipes do not use cups for any measurements, we don't have cups and 1/2 cups and 1/4 cup etc. measuring tools in our homes.
- UK measures in ml, pints/fluid ounces, grams, kg, mg, ounces (dry good)
- UK nutrition labels will generally have figures for 100g and one serving (# of grams varies)
- UK nutrition labels measure the following contents:
Energy in Calories, Carbohydrates total and split into sugars and starch, Fat and saturated fat, Fibre, Sodium. SOme labels will also have: Vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, B8, Folic Acid, B12 and Iron in mg and % of RDA

- A notation of either grams (for solids) or ml (for liquids) next to all of the US cup measurements would be tremendously helpful.

I will gladly send you some photos but don't know how or where to upload them. Can I email them to you?

I am English but have lived in the US for many years so know both sides of these tricky measurements. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

rvkirk wrote 110 months ago:
On the iPhone I want to add servings in percentage not in eighths, which seems a little odd to me as you can add in percentage on the web site. All food in grams would be easier than cups or pounds and ounces. More UK supermarket foods and restaurants would be great. Thanks
snorker88 wrote 110 months ago:
I agree with comments above, stones and lbs etc.

Also would be good to add more UK supermarket chains and chain restaurants like Pizza Express, Nandos, Zizzi GBK etc

otherwise, I'm really happy with the site!
jchapple wrote 110 months ago:
Water measured in half pints or mls...... Makes the water measuring so much easier.
What IS a cup of water comparable to?

Stones and lbs - definately a good idea for weighing us.
Even though we are SUPPOSED to be metric - lbs and ozs for weighing food would be helpful.
BABYLILAC wrote 110 months ago:
I agree with what everybody had said here.Food in grammes etc Weight in stones and kilos is so much easier as I always write the wrong weight as I am always trying to convert stones to lbs.Great website Mike I really appreaciate your work
ianblackburn wrote 110 months ago:
Hi Guys,

Great app and really pleased to hear you are concentrating on the UK market.

I have uploaded some sample nutrional labels here:

You should probably also visit the food standards agency who control this sort of thing in the uk. There web site is here:

Another approach which could be useful for you to understand the uk market it to take a look at the leading uk diet site - I found their site frustrating and slow, and there is no mobile app, but the database of foods and recipes they have is excellent.

If you would like more pictures or any more info let me know


sanda967 wrote 110 months ago:
i'm from the us and use this app on the iphone. It works great! would like to see more restaurant chains databases, but overall i am happy with it!
AnahitaCanDoIt wrote 110 months ago:
Could you add kettlebells exercises. Also, I can't find an exercise amount for crunches, and most other exercises I do. Maybe you could put in cals burned for some common exercise videos (like TurboJam?)...

I agree with everything else that has been said. It would be nice to have a few more UK foods on too. I find you have quite a few things from Tesco which is good, too.

It's always important to remember that eating out serving sizes in the US are about 2x as big as those in the Ireland.

I find using cups, half cups, etc is a very subjective measurment and I'd rather weigh things anyway to be more exact so having weights (mass) would be good as well as volume!

You're doing a great job!
cha36jennings wrote 110 months ago:
In the exercises, what about intimate activity? With out trying to sound crass, this form of exercise does burn off many calories and I hope it would count towards an exercise goal
christinevickery wrote 110 months ago:
This isn't a particular 'UK' issue but....It would be really good if we could set the 'baseline activity level' (i.e. sedentary, active etc) differently for different days- during the week I have an office job but at the weekends I am always up and about walking around so that would be nice to take account of.

otherwise amazing site and app! thanks!
alimac92 wrote 110 months ago:

I use this site to plan my shopping lists. Very useful as it shows the Nutrition labels.

bp72 wrote 110 months ago:
I'm not from the UK, but I just wanted to express how refreshing it is that you guys are so involved and are trying your hardest to get what the users want/need, minimize downtime, and identify bugs asap. You are actually listening and working on improvements. I appreciate the communication. I have been part of a couple of pay sites that are downright terrible (Weight Watchers and BodyBugg--the worst ever). They could take a few lessons from you. Thank you!
ldhfto wrote 110 months ago:
The site is great and the iphone ap is perfect. Stones and lbs for weight would really help, although it's not a major drawback having to convert to lbs. For me the biggest improvement would be to have food in teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces (weight and volume). I attempt to convert from an American cup but having imperial would make my diary more accurate. Keep up the good work, it is a fabulous site :-)
elbow wrote 110 months ago:

May I contribute - I'm from South Africa which is a 100% metric country.

First - I'd feel slightly less rejected if it were possible to choose South Africa as a country when you sign up.

Secondly - answers to your questions for us

Fluid volumes in millilitres
Often "weight volumes" are given in millilitres too - easy to measure
out with a measuring jug
We don't generally have nutrition labels (!)

We don't use half, quarter, eights etc - we would just use decimal fractions (1.5 kilograms)

Mass: grammes or kilogrammes (1000g)
Volume: millilitres or litres (1000ml)

My impression is that behind the scenes the site is converting back and forth to imperial - I see my kilograms etc that I enter becomes strangely slightly different when they are shown back to me.

I also see pounds bleeding out even though I'm set to metric - like on the weight loss "badges".

Nice site, thanks!
gemfox wrote 110 months ago:
As much as stones would be awesome you do all know that you can just mulitply your weight in stones by 14 and get how many pounds it is?! 14 lbs in a stone...self explanitory!
Also i completely agree that using grams not cups would help loads, I tend to guess how much of a cup i use for recipies! Iphone app is AWESOME though!
lilacabi wrote 110 months ago:
Hello All info previously put is good. Please, when you are adding new foods in, can you include Quorn. As a vegi its part of my staple diet. Ta.
metroace wrote 110 months ago:
iPhone App would be awesome if you could use decimal input instead of eighths. Something is measured in multiples of 100g and I have 130g. I cannot accurately enter that via the iPhone App.

Would it be possible to have limited values for amounts? i.e. a user adding a new food to the database has to choose cups or grams or whatever, have all the possible choices on the database. But then allow subsequent users who wish to record their intake to enter in whatever measure is local to them and have the database work out the conversion?

I know that must be possible although I imagine it would be a bugger to write that code for the first time. But once done, it's done!
trinkvean wrote 110 months ago:
It sounds like you have it about right for the UK. The main thing apart from the ones you are already doing is to avoid Cups as this isn't really used in the UK at all.
We tend to use teaspoons, table spoons and then grams/ounces for larger amounts.
sdscouser wrote 110 months ago:
Hi there most of the things I would have asked for have already been mentioned. Stones/pound would be nice but a simple calculation overcomes this issue. I would like to see some kind of conversion tool:=
Cups -> ounces -> grams etc
geri09 wrote 110 months ago:
I would like a private blog for a small community - we want to raise money for a charity and have a mini group at work where anyone who works were we do can join in - but we dont' want other people outside joining in as we are raising money and have our own goals... is that possible?
shellvw wrote 110 months ago:
I'm in Australia and would like to operate in my time zone, so that "today" is Australian today (not US today, which is yesterday)...
hallswan wrote 110 months ago:
What would be really helpful is if we could have exercises for future UK users with the UK equivalent e.g elliptical - cross trainer or crunches - sit ups

Also, in the UK - we have an exercise class called body pump - which is not circuits it is more like body conditioning - could we work with you to get the calories registered correctly

wulliemc wrote 110 months ago:
hallswan, I love bodypump, 4 times a week. Anyway, the only suggestion I can add to everything is to be able to set your country and be able to filter food searches on that basis so that only, e.g., McDonalds UK values are listed instead of everything.x
rachaelbermingham wrote 110 months ago:
Amazing website - thank you so much for all your hard work. I came to it via my iPhone and love the syncing. The only thing I would want changed is the quantity selector. I just don't find fractions very helpful and I'd rather use decimals. I don't find using lbs for body weight a problem - it's not that hard to multiply the stones by 14. Sodium IS a problem as most of our nitritional labels show g of sodium not mg. However, even if you didn't alter a thing it would still be fantastic. I've lost 14lbs since the start of the year and I've enjoyed doing it!
gillpill66 wrote 109 months ago:
the timezone is the only thing i can think of, because for example, right now the food diary is still on thursday but its friday here. but i suppose its not so much of a problem for people who actually sleep at night lol
lashes1985 wrote 109 months ago:
I would find it useful to be able to amend the portion size when adding foods to my diary. I.e being able to add 125ml of milk instead of 1.25 portions. Also being able to write recipes, post them to the community and then be able to add a portion of that recipe to your food diary would be helpful.
Aid_B wrote 109 months ago:
it's been mentioned on the forums but a horizontal target line for the progress reports would be good, that was we can judge out progress/intake against a visable baseline
helliecopter wrote 109 months ago:
Absolutely love the site and really appreciate your input to make it more UK user, THANKS!

I don't find the lbs an issue as it's very simple to work out.

I'd like a filter on the search facility so somehow only the UK foods would be shown.

I quite often batch cook, which can cause a bit of faffing when creating a meal. I have to add all the ingredients to the diary, then select the 'add meal', then add half or quarter of the portion to my dinner...and then go back to delete all the other ingredients (if that makes sense?!) and it can be really time-consuming.
So, I'd like the option to create a meal directly from the ingredients in the database without first adding them to the diary, allowing me to 'build' a meal, then add my portion to my food diary.

That's all for now, but will keep thinking! Thanks for a fab site.
fourwebb wrote 109 months ago:
I only came across your site today and I have to say it is one of the best sites I have ever been on. I find it really easy to use. I have been on it several times today!! Naughty really as I should be working! But it is fab. Well done to all involved.
kendrafallon wrote 109 months ago:
Just to echo some of the comments here, I'm a new user of the site and think what've you done is fab so far. Yes there are improvements that could make things easier for Brits and these have all been listed. Keep up the good work!!
princessfiona wrote 109 months ago:
I'm Canadian, not that my request really has much to do with that -- what I'd like to see is the ability to share 'My Meals' with people on my friends list. For example, adding my recipe for spaghetti sauce to the database would be useless to most users , but it would be helpful to friends if they could click on it (on my profile)and add it to their tracker without having to enter it into their 'my meals' when I've already done it. This would really help me out as well, as I currently track my meals as well as my BF's, and end up entering meals twice. Otherwise, I LOVE this site!
Thank you!
welshbirdsam wrote 108 months ago:
I'm in the UK and actually didnt realise this was an American site, so well done, you're definately on the right track! I think it would help to see more supermarket chain foods as well, you already have a fair amount of Asda foods and some Tesco as well if my memory serves me right, so it would be great to see Sainsburys and M&S. Just for ease really as sometimes i wonder how accurate my input is for some things when i have to substitute it

Oh and you have starbucks on there but it would be really useful if you could make each size of each drink available

Other than that i think you guys are doing an ace job! Absolutely love it and your iPhone app is perfect too! Out of all the sites/apps i've tried this is by far the best!!

Lots of loves <3 <3 <3
kaja wrote 108 months ago:
I love this site. It is set up really clearly and in my time here I have learnt how to do the conversions myself. I agree with the other UK posters that weight in stones would be useful and measuring foods in grams and mililitres. Also because some things are spelt differently over here eg houmous vs hummus or we use different names eg beef mince vs ground beef I would love to see more did you mean? options on the food database so you don't just get unlisted.
The only problem that I did find was about the sodium. In the UK it is listed as grams not milligrams and I found that when people entered their foods they would not convert it correctly. I gave up on watching my sodium intake on this site because of that problem.
I really like your idea to change the food entering form to match the UK labels. Over here we tend to have it in this order:
energy kJ and kcal
saturated fat

We rarely have cholesterol or other fat types listed.
Thanks for listening to comments and keep up the exceptional work. Thankyou.
susiep65 wrote 108 months ago:
I love this site. I am in australia and find ounces difficult. Can you also include millilitres for liquid and grams for weights? That would be great. Also there is a lot of duplication of foods. How many times can you find medium banana? Cheers
chocolate_cake wrote 108 months ago:
Hi, when searching the food data base it would be good if the calorie content was also displayed beside the measurements instead of having to click 'add to food diary' to see what the calories are as alot of the time I plan my meals in advance, this would make it alot easier for me, I hope you understand what I mean, cheers :o)
AnnieeR wrote 108 months ago:
Me again. Just thought I'd add that on the treadmill I use at the gym, my speed is in KPH rather than MPH so I've had to do some converting in order to accurately estimate my exercise.... Not a big deal, but would be nice! :)
decidious wrote 108 months ago:
Yeas, I can manage with the bizzare measurements you guys use but the time zone stuff makes me want to not use the site. I just put my exercise in for today and it's taken it off my calories for yesterday. ; (
EbonyDreams wrote 107 months ago:
Would be nice if there was an option for the amount of water drank was in pints as well. Other than that well done! Great site!
dominicminett wrote 107 months ago:
I'm a 43 year old Brit but have been totally converted to metric for many years now. I would like to see all weights and fluids to include grammes and millilitres, as well as lbs and oz. Cups are no good. I had problems measuring brocolli - it was cups.
And my other problem is with my morning tea with semi skimmed milk. They come out at 130 calories per cup whereas a cup of semiskimmed milk on its own comes out at 122! So the tea is 99% water plus 1% semiskimmed milk, but yet clocks in with many more calories. This pushes all Brits out of their targets!
onward wrote 106 months ago:
Hi there, is there a way for food measuremnts to be available in grams for us metric people? Also it would be great if you could just type in a precise number rather than it always needing to be a number of servings.
Like 160g of chicken or 3oz of banana or whatever... because sometimes (if you're using up leftovers for example), it's not a precise serving...
onward wrote 106 months ago:
Whoops sorry I pasted that from a forum suggestion, the "hi there" bit wasn't meant to be there :)
gwarski wrote 51 months ago:
bit late to the party I know but I would like to see the option to track water in uk pints or uk litres
Anonymous wrote 38 months ago:
The progress weight has just changed and when you enter your new weight, there is a sliding scale to use which only uses stones and pounds. I used to be able to enter the ounces too, but that has now gone. Please bring it back.
Anonymous wrote 19 months ago:

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