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Progress Update on the MFP Blackberry App

We know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for a MyFitnessPal Blackberry app, so we thought it might be helpful to share some details about our progress on the app to date: 

  • We are full-speed ahead on the app.  Following the initial launch of the Android app in early August, we immediately turned our attention to Blackberry, and since then we have spent more time and effort on the Blackberry app than any other project.  With the release since then of various updates to the iPhone and Android apps, I know it seems like we're spending a lot of time on the other apps and not on Blackberry, but that's actually not true. The Blackberry app has been and currently remains our #1 priority, and we're working hard to release it as soon as possible. 

  • Unfortunately, building an app takes time.  Creating any app is a lengthy process - you have to go through the learning curve of figuring out how to write apps for that particular platform, and then of course you have to write the code.  But Blackberry has been particularly challenging because there are so many different phones with varied feature sets - some scroll wheel, some touchscreen, different screen sizes, etc. - combined with many different versions of the operating system.   Each of these work in slightly different ways. Many Blackberry phones also have a much smaller screen size than iPhone or Android phones, so we've had to tweak the UI quite a bit to make sure the app will be usable on a smaller screen. And finally, Blackberry phones can be more limited in memory and storage space which has required significant adjustments in the overall architecture of the app. Of all of our apps so far, Blackberry has been the most challenging for these reasons.

  • The good news is that we are making great progress.  Just this week we finally have a feature-complete version of the Blackberry app working for one screen size and one OS version.  It still has a ton of bugs which we are working hard to fix, but we at least have something relatively functional.  

  • The bad news, though, is that we still have a lot of work to do to make the app work nicely on other screen sizes, other OS versions, etc.  We hope it will not take too long to complete that work, but at this point, we're not ready to state an estimate of when we'll be finished.  The app won't be ready in a week, but it also definitely won't take us 6 months - beyond that, it's a bit hard to say at this point when we'll have something ready.

Overall, we wanted to reassure all of the Blackberry folks out there that we haven't forgotten about you!  We are very very anxious to release the app, and we're doing everything we can to make that happen as soon as possible.   Hopefully this blog post gives you a better feel for how far along we are in the process.  When we feel the app is in good shape, we absolutely will have a beta test before we officially launch it.  If you're interested in the beta test, make sure to either Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter,  or check the blog here periodically, as we'll announce any beta test in all of those venues.

Hope that helps. And hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 


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davonallen wrote 92 months ago:
It's good to finally have an update on the app. I can't wait until it's launched so I can log on-the-go. Thanks for the info!
MaybeImNot wrote 92 months ago:
Yay! I will happily beta test anything for the Tour you may need :-)
ErinMarie25 wrote 92 months ago:
Glad there is an update! I totally understand it is super hard to make an app! Can't wait!
jteammom wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, and thanks so much!
lisafrancis629 wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you for the update. And thanks for all the hard work to satisfy us BlackBerry users.
garyt wrote 92 months ago:
You guys have always rocked and I wish you the best. Thanks for the 70 pounds lost and KEEEPING it off.
Tamishumate wrote 92 months ago:
I cant wait to have it Mike, I still use MFP on my BB, it isnt the best, but I can use it if I have to.
REMEMBER, I want to be a tester!! Your TOP #1 TESTER!!!

Tami <3
robin52077 wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you! I have been toying with the idea of getting a new phone just to have MFP on the go, but I love my crackberry. Now I'll just sit tight....
KarenBorter wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks much for the update. I just want to say here that this site has literally saved my life ... literally. Thank you guys for making this happen and working so hard on making sure all phone users have the mobile app to keep us on track

saverys_gal wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks for the update! I know I really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making these apps, especially since you keep them FREE for us MFP junkies! :)
run4yourlife wrote 92 months ago:
Kminor67 wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you for updating us on the progress.... I am ANXIOUSLY but patiently waiting! I really appreciate knowing that you're getting close! That being said, I hope it's not months away, but thanks for ALL your HARD WORK!!!!!!
TeresaAnne38 wrote 92 months ago:
Thank you so much for the update! It's so good to know you are working hard on it, as I am a current blackberry user and have been aniouxly awaiting the ap. Good luck with it :)
gonabfit wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks for the update! Sure appreciate you taking the time to explain!
goron59 wrote 92 months ago:
Good to see you plugging away at this.

I wonder though, wouldn't it be best to target an HTML5 web app, including offline operation - this should work well on all newer iOS devices, Android, BB and others adopting WebKit or similar?

Jena_72 wrote 92 months ago:
yay yay yay!!! ;-)
Helinah26 wrote 92 months ago:
so is it for any type of blackberry :)? because i have the blackberry storm 2.
kathweaver wrote 92 months ago:
And I'd LOVE a Windows Phone 7 App. Or an easy way to log via the web. Or an API so I could write my own App.
BellaB777 wrote 92 months ago:
I am happy that there is progress!... I just don't understand why an app for android was done before an app for blackberry. I understand there being one for iPhone first... Sort of... Just saying. I am really looking forward to the blackberry app!
JJs25th wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks so much for the update!
Robin1117 wrote 92 months ago:
thanks so much!! I use an itouch, and use your app on the itouch but I use my BB phone when I'm out and about and would love to have it there too. Great to know you are working on this. I'd be happy to beta test as well.
Amandac6772 wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks for keeping us posted.
blackmamba886 wrote 92 months ago:
Thanks for the updates!!! Will happily beta test for the Curve. :) Can't wait to finally be able to log on the go!
jessimika28 wrote 92 months ago:
Thanx for the update! At least now we (BlackBerry ppl) aren't in the dark anymore. Can't wait to Test-Drive it! -- hint, hint!

Thanks again and for all the hard work ;)
kandyjo wrote 92 months ago:
YAY!!!!!! Excited and eagerly awaiting the app! THANKS!!! =)
ZiaLater wrote 91 months ago:
My Torch needs this APP ASAP!!! Imagine not having to wait till you get home to log your progress. I can't wait!!!
KaitieBug wrote 91 months ago:
very anxiously waiting and very much appreciate the update and all the hard work you guys are putting into this app, and all the hard work you put into the entire website!! you guys are THE BEST!!!!!
gapch1024 wrote 91 months ago:
Want it! NEED IT! Please hurry up! :> Thanks!!!
BWSydney wrote 91 months ago:
booo!! I have been waiting FOREVERRRRRR
rockieschick wrote 91 months ago:
Need this! PLEASEEEEEE!hurry :)
Christiiiine wrote 91 months ago:
Just rejoined the site and i'm really looking forward to this app!
fratamus wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks for the update
leahavah wrote 90 months ago:
Any news when this will be out?
BWSydney wrote 90 months ago:
Is there an ETA yet?

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