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Please do not save new meals in the latest iPhone app version

Well, we are very sad to say that there is still a bug in our latest version of the iPhone app.  If you try to save a meal (by tapping the Star next to the meal name in your diary) in the new version, the app will crash and it will not reopen.  So please, if you have updated to the latest version, DO NOT try to save a new meal.  We have submitted a fix to Apple and are waiting for them to approve it - hopefully it will be available shortly.

In the meantime, if this issue happens to you, deleting the app and reinstalling it will fix the problem.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience, and we're disappointed that this bug slipped into our latest update.  We are working on some new procedures that will hopefully keep these types of bugs from occurring in the future, but until the new update is available, the best thing to do is just to avoid trying to save a new meal for now.

Sorry again :(

Mike & Al 

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MrsT732015 wrote 106 months ago:
Given that the rest of the app is so amazing I think we can let you off!! Thanks for the warning! ;-)
kgasser wrote 106 months ago:
I soooooo second that! WE LOVE MFP iPhone!!!!!
jonesie220 wrote 106 months ago:
On the IPhone version, when you add the meal ex.
to Lunch, the items in the meal are listed out.
Is there anyway the Web version could do this
also so we will be able to see the items on the
web version? I really like this change on the
IPhone version!! Great App for the IPhone!
jeffc wrote 106 months ago:
Keep up the great job!
sara0315 wrote 106 months ago:
Apologize all you want, we still LOVE MFP for iPhone and we forgive you! Thanks for providing the app to us, and we will look forward to the full-featured, bug-free release!!!
johnporcaro wrote 106 months ago:
I want to commend you for being open with customers during the rollout--very cool. It helps us all feel like we're more a part of what you're doing, and really makes us feel more like a family, rather than just customers. You're doing a great job, and you're doing it the "right" way. Looking forward to more! I use the app multiple times a day!

kez511 wrote 106 months ago:
Thanks this is the best one I've used and it crashed because i didn't know. Keep up the good work. I know what to do now to fix it. Awaiting the next update.
hemmster wrote 106 months ago:
All software has bugs - look at Microsoft! Go easy on yourselves. Great app.
beninmangotown wrote 106 months ago:
You can still save meals on the main website, if you want to get around this bug. Great app, 6 pounds lost in my first week!
Eric_Geary wrote 106 months ago:
I don't know what i would do with out this app! I take my iPhone with me everywhere so i have no excuses not to log my food and exercise. Great app, Keep up the Great work.
bamjoy wrote 106 months ago:
Yeah, the crash just happened to me after adding a new meal. Thanks for working on a fix so soon. Do I need to reinstall the app, or can I just wait for the update??
LotusF1ower wrote 106 months ago:
Brilliant application, I input absolutely everything I eat or drink into my i-phone as it is with me all the time. 6lbs lost in week one, my "weights and measures" day is Saturday mornings, so I must wait until then to see what losses I have made. The people that created this application deserve a commendation!
mike wrote 106 months ago:
bamjoy - the app will continue to crash until either 1) you reinstall the app, or 2) you install the update when it's available. If you don't mind waiting, it's perfectly fine to wait until the update is available - you just won't be able to use the app until then. We hope the update will be available in the next day or two. We're just waiting for Apple to review and approve the update we submitted.
cdavis1126 wrote 106 months ago:
maybe i just missed it but did you know that when entering strength exercises, it doesn't save what you entered the last time? it used to.... thanks!
Anonymous wrote 33 months ago:
Thanks for working on finding solution to fix it.

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