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New Feature: Tab Through Food Lists

We added a new feature tonight that we hope a lot of you will really find useful: tabbed food lists. When you add a food to your diary, you'll see that the Frequently Used Foods page has now been expanded to include several new tabs.  Each tab contains a different list of foods that you can quickly add to your diary:

  • Most Used - the old frequently used foods list
  • Recent - the foods you've used most recently
  • My Foods - all of the personal foods you've created
  • My Meals - all of your remembered meals

Clicking on a tab will open up that list.  You can check the foods that you'd like to add to your diary, the click the "Add Checked Items To Meal" button to add them.  You can check foods from multiple tabs - all of them will be added, even checked foods on tabs that are not currently open.

Note: this feature is available on the new design only.

We're always looking for ways to make logging your meals faster and easier - hopefully you'll find the new tabs as useful in that regard as we do.

Hope you are all enjoying the site!

Mike & Al

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JStheoriginal wrote 113 months ago:
such a great addition! :D keep up the practicality improvements! the only thing left in my mind is the iPhone app and %'s showing for Carbs/Fat/Protein on the food diary.
MickUltra wrote 113 months ago:
LOVE IT! I have been hoping you'd do that.

I'd like to see % for Carbs/Fat/Protein as well.

Maybe a summary under each meal (in a light almost transparent color) so that we can try to target each meal to our % for Carbs/Fat/Protein. This would make it easy to know if your next meal or last meal was good for you overall versus waiting until the day is through.
SandraBro03 wrote 113 months ago:
Awesome! I love the new page. I love that there are tabs to easily access my stored foods. I also love that I can delete the ones I don't use all the time or anymore. Great job guys!!
rtmama wrote 113 months ago:
awesome!!! Thank you!
Annika wrote 113 months ago:
I'm loving the new changes. Is there something coming up that is going to make logging recipes easier?
metco89 wrote 113 months ago:
i just came back to the site today after falling off the wagon and gaining back almost all the weight i lost when previously using MFP, i have a question, how do i delete foods or meals i no longer want to keep on my list? Maybe i haven't looked closely enough at the way the site is with the changes in place but i thought i did.
losingitinca wrote 113 months ago:
MFP is the best!
savvystephy wrote 113 months ago:
Great job! Keep up the fantastic work!
ucaminax wrote 113 months ago:
What a great idea! Is there a way to look at all of our frequently used foods together, not just divided u by meals? i.e. the other day, I wanted to add something to dinner from my frequently used foods at lunch, but I couldn't get to it and for some reason it was hard to get the exact same thing by searching.

IAM125lbs wrote 113 months ago:
Thanks Mike, this new feature makes it easier to keep track and hopefully on track to lose these last few pounds. Thanks again
Boston01810 wrote 113 months ago:
Yes the entire web page looks updated today- new colors- the addition of the food tabs is very nice- TY
copland wrote 113 months ago:
Great new feature, but what if I eat more than 7 meals a day can I log more than 7 meals?
MercuryBlue wrote 113 months ago:
A terrific addition. Thank you. :)
WendiL wrote 112 months ago:
I've been MIA so imagine my delight on discovering the new ease at keeping up with my food. Thanks much!!!!
SachaMichel wrote 112 months ago:
Thanks guys! The new site looks great! :)
last25 wrote 112 months ago:
OMG! This is a fantastic improvement. Thanks for all the hard work of keeping this site user friendly and FREE! MFP ROCKS!!
Georg wrote 112 months ago:
I love this! Thanks.
CatWoman67 wrote 111 months ago:
Love this, just one request, could the lists be sorted in alpha order? Just a thought. Great Work!
IAM125lbs wrote 111 months ago:
I love this feature, it saves so much time. Mike & Al you are amazing! Thanks again
Thinkslowly wrote 110 months ago:
have not looked at new site design yet, but I have a question. Should protein not show up red until you have target amount and then turn green and stay green? If I understand right, protein is desirable.

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