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New Android Update (version 2.4) – Reminders and Notifications

We’re pleased to announce that a new version of our Android app is now available from Google Play.  Here's a quick rundown of the new features:

  • Reminders:  It’s now possible to set yourself reminders to help you remember to track your diet and exercise daily.  Just go to “More”, “Settings” and press “My Reminders to get started.

  • Notifications: Use Android notifications to receive real-time updates when you receive a new message, get friend requests and more.

  • Turn Off Offline Search: In a recent update, we added the ability to search a streamlined version of our food database even without an internet connection.  A side-effect of adding offline search was that we had to increase the size of the app. If you're using a phone with limited storage available, you can now disable offline searching which will reduce the size of the app. Just go to “More”, “Settings” and uncheck the option labled “Offline Search Enabled”

  • Make Multi-Add the Default:  For everyone who loves multi-add, you can now make multi-add the default way to add foods or exercises to your diary

  • Lock Screen:  A simple way to passcode protect the application to ensure maximum privacy on your phone or tablet.

  • Bug fixes: Numerous performance enhancements and stability improvements

As always, if you run into any issues with the latest version of the app, please just let us know and we'll look into it ASAP.

Hope you are all enjoying MFP!

Mike, Al, and the MFP Team

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daveboland wrote 69 months ago:
Love the offline search! Yes there's still places without 3G or Wifi and being stuck out in the country unable to use MFP when an old Palm Pilot app could kick its butt was not very fun.

Very much a benefit to tablet (Kindle Fire) users too. Hope to see the iPhone features of "search recent" added to web and Android.
pinksparkle1965lives4ever wrote 69 months ago:
pinksparkle1965lives4ever wrote 69 months ago:
n_y_b wrote 69 months ago:
Why does it now need location data?
Mdmullins wrote 69 months ago:
For the next mobile android version, it would be really nice if you could add the capability to change the meal in the food diary after you have added a new item. I waste a lot of time deleting and re-adding food due trying to tap on the right meal and not realizing it until after the fact. This tends to be more challenging when entering it on my phone as opposed to the iPad app..and I am sure there are others who would agree. Especially guys..seeing as I have very small hands unlike guys. The other option is bigger soft buttons, but with the limited real estate of the screen I am sure something else would suffer. Thanks...Love the app otherwise..It has helped me lose 28.5 lbs since June 2012!
Mdmullins wrote 69 months ago:
And yet a 3rd option is to offer a paid version with no ads and larger soft buttons or a better layout with more space between the meals.
mgleason01 wrote 69 months ago:
Great update! Is it possible for the phone app to sync with the web when it comes to adding food to your diary. For example, when you select add item, you can choose from 'frequent', 'recent' etc. I've found that the 'frequent' and 'recent' selections on your phone don't match that on web. The options available on your phone vs the web is tied to the last time you made an entry via your phone or web. Hope my explanation makes sense.

olgamarie_t wrote 69 months ago:
nice thx!
Sharon009 wrote 69 months ago:
thank you!!!
lunglady wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you. :-)
neneboricua wrote 69 months ago:
As of 10/1/2012, the mobile app no longer syncs to my account. Entries I add on the website don't make it onto the mobile app. I downloaded the latest update today hoping it would fix the problem and now the app crashes (resulting in a Force Close) just after finishing synchronizing data. A phone reset and reinstall of all applications does not fix the problem. This is running Android 2.1 on a Samsung Moment. Loved the app until today. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.
TourThePast wrote 69 months ago:
Why do you need to know EXACTLY where I am? Not just my rough location from the telephone network, though I'm not happy about that either, but this upgrade would mean that every time I log in you get my fine location with GPS. An explanation is definitely needed!
ahavoc wrote 69 months ago:
Can't submit comments since upgrade. Phone just spins and spins and spins. Old phone, yes that might be the problem, but backwards compatibility would be nice.
ScottBright wrote 69 months ago:
2.4 won't connect to server on my LG Optimus. Found version 2.2 and reinstalled that. It works fine.
inell0 wrote 69 months ago:
When will this update come to Amazon? I'd love these features on my Kindle Fire (without having to jailbreak).
nerdyandilikeit wrote 69 months ago:
My push notifications aren't working.
kc_Kyng wrote 69 months ago:
Will not sync to server on LG optimus slider
Jamie2007 wrote 69 months ago:
Would it be possible to 'copy day' in an upcoming update? I like the copy meal option, but copy day would be great also! It would save a lot of time. Thank you for continuously making improvements to the site. Love it!
_Elemenopee_ wrote 69 months ago:
How does the notifications things work? I haven't gotten any and I updated yesterday.
_Elemenopee_ wrote 69 months ago:
And, thank you, of course!
cjskmom wrote 69 months ago:
Love the update, but my mobile app for food/exercise won't sync with online acct. In fact, I've lost all history on the mobile app. Is that expected?
kookeepup wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you for the update and your hard work at making this app user friendly but as soon as I log in, I keep getting an error and could not see anything through the home screen. I can however have to go my friends tab to view the news and other links.

MariFitBody wrote 69 months ago:
Love it! Thanks!
jarredondo wrote 69 months ago:
10/2 - updated on my android and not it won't open. It tries to sync and either gives me a fails to connect to server error or force closes. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works now :-(
pinker69 wrote 69 months ago:
i am having the same issue. i updated this morning and now i cant sync. i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling also. now i cant even log in on my phone. please help!!!!
jeddy3mcc wrote 69 months ago:
I was pleasantly surprised and excited today when i received my first notification. You guys rock!!!
kais79 wrote 69 months ago:
The updates are always appreciated, though this one doesn't offer me, personally, anything I will use. What would be nice is if the Android version could be updated with the same features the iPhone version is updated with. Specifically, being able to search through your own diary or recent food instead of HAVING to search the entire database. After sifting through ALL the incorrect entries in the database to find one that was entered correctly, it would be nice to not have to do it all over again.
mikethom wrote 69 months ago:
The update is broken, it no longer syncs with the site. When I start it, it sits there and spins and eventually displays an empty food diary... When I try to exit by using the back arrow it goes back in to spin mode. Occasionally I get a pop-up telling me the app has died. Please fix ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tealwater81 wrote 69 months ago:
clowermom wrote 69 months ago:
I, also, am not getting notifications. I was very excited about the update and am looking forward to the new features. This is a great app. Thanks for all your hard work!
tgoddard1973 wrote 69 months ago:
I am having the same problem with synchronizing on my phone. I keep getting a pop up that says "MFP has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." I use this app on my phone all the time. Can't open it at all now. I even unistalled and reinstalled. I'm unistalling the app until this gets fixed. PLEASE FIX ASAP!! I'm running android v2.1
steveinct wrote 69 months ago:
It has been asked several times, yet the MFP staff is not answering the simple question: Why do you need our location via GPS? Your silence on this issue is causing me to second guess allowing your application to stay on my phone. Please let us know why you need this permission.

Thank you.
cjskmom wrote 69 months ago:
I was seeing no diary entry or sync'ing when I first downloaded the update. Now I just get an error - "an unexpected error occurred". When I dismiss there is nothing there. Would be nice if someone from MFP would at least respond and let everyone know whether they are working on the issues we are all seein gwith this update!!
mike wrote 69 months ago:
If anyone is seeing any issues with the update, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to let our team know. Someone will get back to you to help you diagnose the issue. We're aware of a few issues, particularly on Android v2.1, which we are working on fixes for and will have an update available ASAP.
aislingtodonnell wrote 69 months ago:
Ever since I installed this update the Home screen does not work on the app at all.
jilli54 wrote 69 months ago:
Only been using MFP since 09/04/2012 and love it. Thanks for making multi add default I kept forgetting to use it and got annoyed with myself. Thanks again jilli54
Reglos wrote 69 months ago:
Can't figure out how to go from the data base to ass it to one of my meals? I find in the data base and then have to search it again under my food log. What am I not seeing. Great app though.
Reglos wrote 69 months ago:
sorry it should have said add....not that other word.
betoarango wrote 69 months ago:
excellent sofware, would be cool to have a widget that reminded me of my calorie, protein, carb, and fat budget, just like the one on the home page.
Brandon74 wrote 69 months ago:
I am not getting notifications and I have a Droid Bionic. Also, I really wish you could alow us to see the breakdown for each meal (not just the calories) like you can see on the internet and even the iPad version.
Crochetluvr wrote 69 months ago:
I get the notifications about messages but when I tap the link I get a window that just keeps trying to load. And, yes, like others, the app isnt synching. I like to use the app but will revert to my phones browser and view the regular site for now. Hope to see fixes soon!
krdaky wrote 69 months ago:
just getting started with this program... tried to install app on my droid 3 tonight and it hasn't successfully installed yet, I'd love to check it out.
beckleah12 wrote 69 months ago:
I've got a samsung S III with ICS and my app updates are now not syncing to the web and web updates not syncing to phone. I'm not getting any of my notifications via the app. I find I'm spending way more time updating everything on the PC now. Please fix!
monalissanne wrote 69 months ago:
I agree with mgleason01...I'd like for my recent and frequent foods on my phone to be the same as the ones on the Internet. These two lists are my current for me on the web version.
jeffmasssr wrote 69 months ago:
Why doesn't the fitbit calories burned for a particular movement or excercise match with myftnesspal? It seems the fitbit is showing way more calories burned.
TheFitNinjas wrote 69 months ago:
Every time i use the mobile App i have to login.
before the update i did not have to log in every time, its very frustratating
prevents me from tracking often, because i have to enter info each time on mobile.
ruined the best app in my opinion.
Joejhl wrote 69 months ago:
Why can.t IChange the setting for serving From 1 to .5 or .25 etc. I can only chage serving to a full numer on my android charge sine the update?
MrzBlessedLady wrote 69 months ago:
That's awesome but can you guys update the Windows phone app?? it's kinda plain and has no News Feed section
lwoodroff wrote 69 months ago:
Lovely great to be able to use up to date version again. Small bug on my wildfire S it won't do quick add calories, says they aren't in the database?
sereenana wrote 69 months ago:
No longer works after update. Doesn't sync, Force Closes, sometimes won't open at all. I love this app...please fix this! HTC Droid Eris
coolraul07 wrote 69 months ago:
Running MFP v2.3 on Android v4.0x tablet. Google Play shows that current version is v2.4, but it doesn't show up in either the "updates" or "Up to date" apps list. I attempted a 'force upgrade' by pushing v2.4 from a PC but I got an invalid package error. Please help as I absolutely love this app!
SmallSleeves wrote 69 months ago:
Wonderful. Thank you!
taso42 wrote 69 months ago:
No reply about the location data question raised 3 days ago?
rudegyal_b wrote 69 months ago:
i have to keep reloading the news feed cause it says theres no updates at this time...and it drops internet connection repeatedly, only since this update

otherwise great!
rudegyal_b wrote 69 months ago:
on LG optimus one
nancyvhome wrote 69 months ago:
Love the app and the Multi add default is perfect. Would be great (as earlier person suggested) to be able to search within the foods I've already used, rather than going to the full database. Similarly,would like to be able to mark foods as "favorites" (would be same effect as first suggestion, but maybe easier to do) so you can pull that list up on tablet, phone or pc.
om4r wrote 69 months ago:
How about you make an app that complies with Android design standards (Holo theme), and remove the ads, the iOS version does not have ads, why should Android have ads, ridiculous.
n_y_b wrote 69 months ago:
I've been pretty happy with both the app and the service, but they now insist on the ability to know exactly where your phone is at all times, to read all of the contacts in your address book, and some other intrusive services that LoseIt and other similar apps don't require. It seems clear that the devs have absolutely no interests in addressing the question.
NoJustTheDude wrote 69 months ago:
I was excited about the option to "Turn Off Offline Search". But, it doesn't work on my LG Thrive. It does show the app is smaller from 21M to 4.3M. I have 37M free on the phone UNTIL I start MFP, then MFP grabs another 17M putting me right back at 20M free on the phone. It doesn't show that MFP is using that space if I look at the MFP app again. But as soon as I Force Stop the app - I get all the 17M of memory back putting me back at 37M free. So something is still wrong while your using MFP. And it takes FOREVER to start up now. Nice try - hope you can keep working on this until it actually works.
NoJustTheDude wrote 69 months ago:
Oh, COME ON! I just noticed MFP is now accessing my location data and my personal contacts! Why do you need my location and contacts?! What an invasion of privacy.
jfcarlson713 wrote 69 months ago:
I just updated my phone. Now I can't search for foods on the database. I can only add foods if they are already in my recent list. Blahhh!!! That's what I really liked - being able to search on the fly. It won't let me just delete the update either.
Steven wrote 69 months ago:
Hi Folks,

Thanks very much for your feedback on the question of Location Permissions, and for drawing our attention to your concerns about the use of the "Fine Location" (GPS) permission in our most recent Android app update.

As it turns out, the Fine Location permission request is unnecessary for our goal of presenting more relevant ads to our Android users, and it was a mistake to request this level of precision in the app.

Our next Android app update will address this mistake by requesting only "Coarse Location" (Wi-Fi, Cell ID). We're sorry for any concern raised by the permission request in MyFitnessPal for Android version 2.4, and greatly appreciate your feedback on the matter.

(If you're posting comments here in search of technical support with the app, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page of our site to reach our support team directly. If you have concerns about any of the other permission requests in the app (camera, contacts, etc), there are explanations of those requests in the Android app's Privacy FAQ section, or the site's Help page under Android > Privacy. I have also updated the Location Permission FAQ to address the change in that request in our next release).

Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to support you.

MyFitnessPal Staff
Maurice1966 wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you. Liking the notifications!.
buzzcogs wrote 69 months ago:
I refused to load it (and I would have loved to have it on my table but it asks for a ton of permissions (including contact list). Why does it need so many permissions on your device? It should only need internet access.
ampage25 wrote 68 months ago:
my app isn't working. It either times out or forces close. HELP?!?!
NoJustTheDude wrote 68 months ago:
Steven - Thank you for reconsidering the GPS location permission. I hope you also reconsider the personal contacts permission. There's no need for this and it is an invasion of privacy.
FatAintWhereItsAt wrote 68 months ago:
I have notr downloaded the new version yet - don't like the GPS location and contact lists among other requirements now. When will the next version be released to remove these requirements. Love the program, not the invasion of privacy. Thanks.
pandasamsam wrote 68 months ago:
This newest version will not work at all on my Android Galaxy Samsung S.
So sad. ):
I had to download a VERY OLD version of the app (V.1.0.67) to be able to use it at all. I guess as long as I have the archaic version of the app I'll survive until an update that actually works on my phone comes out?
richardjohnsmith wrote 68 months ago:
The main problem I had with the version I downloaded a couple of weeks ago is that it seems to want to cache about 20mb of data. On a HTC Desire with a few apps installed this is enough to max out the memory so I end up not using it at all...
TourThePast wrote 68 months ago:
Thank you for responding to the concerns about GPS fine location. I look forward to the next update, so I can take advantage of the new features.
ak_honda wrote 68 months ago:
It would be extremely nice if you'd update the WP7 app to include the same features that the iPhone, or even Android, apps have. There are other phone users out there other than those 2 mobile OS.
kristengraham wrote 68 months ago:
I did upgrade... but seems like nothing has changed. I have it set up to receive notifications... but I have yet to receive any!
Brandon74 wrote 68 months ago:
My notifications aren't consistent. Is anyone else's? I have a Droid Bionic
damcoole wrote 68 months ago:
What are the chances of adding a widget to add foods in an update in the future? Or, at least to show at a quick glance your remaining calories for the day, or even better - a quick database search of foods? I know it's asking a lot, but I love this app and can only see it getting better!
angie_04 wrote 68 months ago:
I can't even log in on my HTC onex!!! Help!!!
janetrogers1 wrote 68 months ago:
I was excited about the option to "Turn Off Offline Search". But, it doesn't work on my Samsung galaxy Ace. It does show the app is smaller from 21M to 3.2M. I have 21M free on the phone UNTIL I start MFP, then MFP grabs another 18M putting me at 3M free on the phone. It doesn't show that MFP is using that space if I look at the MFP app again. But as soon as I Force Stop the app (or power off phone and restart) - I get all the 18M of memory back putting me back at 21M free. So something is still wrong while your using MFP. Lots of good things in the mobile app over the website so I hope you can keep working on this until it actually works.
canalside_2000 wrote 68 months ago:
I have been using MFP for a couple of months and have turned on several friends to it, too. All feedback has been good. I especially like the new App as my phone has very limited Internal Storage. Now it uses about 1/10th the amount. While I'm not sure how it will work without Off Line Search, I need to keep the storage use to a minimum. As I have a lot of SD card storage, maybe you could consider storing the data base on the SD card so that Off Line Search can work with the smaller foot print. Also, it would be nice to have a simple way to EXIT the app rather than constantly hitting the Go Back key. I'm afraid that I'll wear this key out due to this App. Thanks for your consideration.
jfcarlson713 wrote 68 months ago:
Have you gotten it fixed yet? I downloaded the new download and now can't even get into the app. It says that it had to close unexpectedly. I've deleted it from my phone and am waiting for you to indicate that you've fixed it. When will that be??????
sisierra wrote 68 months ago:
Very nice, can we get notifications on the website anytime soon?
adamlb wrote 68 months ago:
The notifications are a great addition! There's one thing I would love to see added - access to the forums. It's frustrating to see the posts on what people have commented on in your news feed without the ability to immediately go and look.
FitterJ wrote 68 months ago:
Doesn't work on my Android 2.1 phone since update. Constantly Forces Close. What is now the earliest version of Android it will work with? Can an old release be made available or will a fix for older phones be launched soon for this release? I miss MFP :-(
sean112977 wrote 68 months ago:
Using a Motorola Droid Pro, the MFP applicaiton continually defaults to Pacific Time even when I try to set it to Eastern Time. This affects the reminders that I set. While it is possible to set the reminder times off by 3 hours, it would be nice if this issue was remedied.
weebub wrote 68 months ago:
Not working on my Android phone since update. Constantly tries to sync but not even showing the last two days food diaries.I love MFP and want to use it on my phone again. :-(
Gretchen27 wrote 68 months ago:
Not working on my droid Xyboard10.1!!! Keeps trying to sync and not connecting to server :( What can I do or plz offer the old version again????
djbagley wrote 68 months ago:
I would prefer not to have Dunkin Donut advertisements. It's hard enough to stay disciplined, but the Dunkin Donuts ads just seem cruel.
linda767 wrote 68 months ago:
Love my job, since I've been bringing in $82h… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online…
ChadyzGroove wrote 68 months ago:
When are we going to get a version of the app upgraded to Android's Holo design standards. I would also like to see an ad-free version of the app.
HeelsAndBoxingGloves wrote 68 months ago:
Thanks for fixing the bug where the newsfeed wouldn't show. But now I can't ever log in. The app tries to sync and then I get a "server has timed out" error almost every time. It would also be nice to be able to stay signed in again, instead of having to put in my password every single time I click on the app.
Jamie2007 wrote 68 months ago:
Any change the macro settings can be adjusted so we can type our desired macros in instead of having to change them in 5% increments?
cheryl233 wrote 67 months ago:
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rest1234 wrote 63 months ago:
It would be awesome to post to the personal blog from the andoird app. Any idea when that will happen?
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
I'm using version 3.8-6052 on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and still getting notifications for meal reminders even though it is clearly turned off.

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