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MyFitnessPal Tip: Updating Your Food Diary Meal Names

For a variety of reasons, many people aren't on a three-meal-a-day schedule. Perhaps your job doesn't allow time for it, or you choose to eat many small meals throughout the day for health reasons. Regardless of the cause, if you're not one of those people who eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, you probably struggle to file your meals under those titles in your MyFitnessPal food diary.

We've heard your questions on how to change your meal titles to reflect your actual meal plan, and today we're going to share a tip on how to make this update in your account! To get started, go to the MyFitnessPal website, You must go through the website, not the app. Remember your login on the website uses the same username and password as the app.

Once you've logged in on the website, click on "My Home", then "Settings", then "Diary Settings". On this page you can change your meal names, and even add two additional meals! For instance, if you take a Hobbit-like approach to food, you can change your meal names to Breakfast(s), Elevensies, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Supper, and Dinner. Or, if you prefer to chart your meals by scheduled time, you can update the names to 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, and 7PM.

Don’t forget to save your changes when you’re all done. The next time your MyFitnessPal app connects to the Internet, your name changes and/or meal additions will be instantly reflected. Please note that once this change is made, it will be reflected on every day in your diary. Also, it is not currently possible to have different meal names on different days.

We hope this tip improves your MyFitnessPal experience and makes your account more accurately reflect your daily life and fitness goals. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming posts offering more tips and tricks on getting the most out of your MyFitnessPal account!

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britzzie wrote 71 months ago:
I love this tip! And the hobbit reference! (Second breakfast is my fav...) I digress...

It should be stated though that when you do this, your history gets a little janky. Things that used to be in 'Recent' for lunch may now be in snack, which is kind of a pain for a while.

I also set a calorie target for each meal and put that in the name. Works for me!
missability wrote 71 months ago:
I hate that when you "tweak" your diary settings, it goes back to the day you began and changes them for every diet is ever changing and not the same as it was back in the beginning! I wish it would just start on what ever day you change the settings...this would make for much better record keeping, and allow you to compare what you were doing to what you are now doing!

I also which there was a way to add something from breakfast to dinner, instead of just moving it.....I put 25oz of lemon water in the morning, and when I want to put the same in lunch I have to go back to my "recent" foods to do it, why can you not just copy from one meal to the next?
Laurayinz wrote 71 months ago:
When will the apps get corrected to allow to you view our friends' customized meals? It assumes the first 4 meals are the original default ones, but if they've added snacks in between, or used times instead of meals names, they don't show up correctly if at all.
I agree that it should be effective dated, not go back and convert your whole past diary to these changes. Same goes for the calorie and macro goals.

Keep up the great work, guys! :)
Viola14 wrote 71 months ago:
i agree with missability....i also keep changing my diet and tracking it becomes hard :( also,can you add zwows to the exercise database?
jeffandjen311 wrote 71 months ago:
LOVE THIS! I was eating 6 times a day and putting all my snacks under "snacks" so it looked ridiculous and I could never look back and see that, "Oh, well, I ate THAT snack after supper and not after breakfast so maybe that was my problem that day..." THANK YOU!
pbscolorfulworld wrote 71 months ago:
this is so very cool!
enrique wrote 71 months ago:
This is awesome! Thank you!
kristinestephens wrote 71 months ago:
Now if you could add more nutritional trackings each day I'd be HAPPY!! I want to keep track of more then the five we are allotted now.
martdave wrote 71 months ago:
The Windows mobile app doesn't allow for using the copying tools (copy to today, copy to date) against the contents of your custom-added meals (in my case the the three meals I added beyond Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). That makes these custom-added meals much harder to use, IMO.
pattya925 wrote 71 months ago:
I love that you can do this... mine are currently "Am I", "Giving", "My Body", "Good", "Fuel??"

:) pleasant reminder to eat well.
Zgirlgettingfit wrote 71 months ago:
*Would like to see a heading available for BEVERAGES (right now I log them in under snacks, but they're not really snacks).
*Also, would like to be able to add OUNCES of water instead of cups.
*One other thing, it would be nice to have a comment field under each "meal" heading so as to note how a particular meal/snack/beverage effected energy, mood, etc. (instead of just having one place for notes for the entire day's eating).
*Lastly, I AGREE with all the comments about being able to make food diary changes effective from "x" point forward, to help maintain an accurate record of past eating patterns. Overall, loving the app! Keep improving.
uberlisa wrote 71 months ago:
the funny thing about that is I changed my meal names from the very beginning. I did change them to names of a more hobbit-like persuasion, but I combined luncheon & afternoon tea on the same meal slot instead of separating my two breakfasts :)
CookingMamaAUS wrote 71 months ago:
I agree that the changes to meal names should not be retrospective- it ruins your history, and seems to be a lazy design option. Hopefully something for future updates.
Deipneus wrote 71 months ago:
Early on, and I've been at this a long time, I reset from meals to times of day. 610, 10-3, 3-7 and 7-12m. I'm a grazer.
Lemetriab wrote 71 months ago:
So glad that this has been added to our options.
scrapjen wrote 71 months ago:
I really like MFP's flexibility and ability to customize. I labeled one of the sections "Completely Empty Calories" ... I hope to make myself feel a little guilty filing so many items there.

One thing I don't care for, is when I look at my friend's diaries on my mobile app, I see MY meal categories, not theirs. My "Completely Empty Calories" heading doesn't apply to my friends and their nutritious choices (this only happens in the app, on the computer I still see their headings as it should be).
Keisha_L wrote 71 months ago:
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Basia_and4345 wrote 71 months ago:
I changed my categories today and it messed up my entire diary. It would be nice that when category changes are made they are effective on the day you do it so we can keep an accurate history of how our meals evolve. This would also allow us to have a more clear picture of what works and does not work for us.
PrajnaFaux wrote 71 months ago:
I changed mine to reflect the time. So I start with Before 8am, 8-11, 11-2, 2-5, 5-8, and After 8pm. This has really helped me get an accurate picture of when I'm eating, not just what. Since I exercise in the morning, I've found I need to eat more in the morning so I don't run too long at a Net deficit. I'm really happy with the way I have it now! Thanks!
doctor_afshin wrote 65 months ago:
why we saw friends diary in same setting :( for example i set time 9 to 12 in 5st line and some people eat snacks in morning and app show for us her morning snack for my 9 to 12 pm :(
Anonymous wrote 61 months ago:
I agree with scrapjen... I can't see all the meals of my friends because it pulls my custom names and somehow completely loses some of their meals. For instance.. One of my friends I can never see their "dinner" on the app but it shows on the computer.
jmsolko wrote 60 months ago:
I have customized my meals and I added two additional headings. My wife noticed however, that she cannot see them. So if we eat a meal at the same time but I log it into one of my personalized meal times, she can't see it to copy it to her day. Am I missing something? Is it possible to make these viewable/shareable with other mfp users?
Anonymous wrote 51 months ago:
Why not just allow the user to input their own times as they go? Or time stamp eateries as they get input. It will help people visualize their meal times. What if I can't eat at 7am??? Still seems a bit restrictive. Not very helpful.
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enikon wrote 24 months ago:
As folks above noted, this feature is great, but it would be greater if it didn't mess with history. One possible solution would be to allow reordering the categories.
For example, the default list was 1) bfast 2) lunch 3) dinner 4) snack.
If I were to add an "Elevensie" category, that would naturally be btw bfast and lunch. Right now though if I label them this way, all my old lunches become Elevensies.
It would be much better if I could add Elevensie to the end and then move the category up btw bfast and lunch - my historic entries would be blank, but at least lunch stays lunch.
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