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MyFitnessPal Member On The Today Show!

One of our own amazing members appeared on the Today show this week to share her story.  If you haven't seen this yet, click on the link below to hear Tamara's inspiring story:

Congrats Tamara, and thanks for mentioning us on the show! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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Marla64 wrote 95 months ago:
I've watched it three times, and cry every time. Such a lovely woman. I'm blessed to know her through this site. Amazing Tamara-- you were a natural in front of the camera, too-- God bless you, my friend.
maurierose wrote 95 months ago:
Congratulations, Tamara!!! It's been so fun to see your progress - AND so INSPIRATIONAL!!! If you can do it, we can do it..... thanks for sharing your story with us, and with everyone. You look FABULOUS!!! And how great to have your hubby there with you too - great story! :o)
sorellabella wrote 95 months ago:
Mike & Al,

I want to thank you both for this site. I came upon it totally by accident but I believe all things happen for a reason.

I wish you well in all you do! Keep up the good work!
katlou2 wrote 95 months ago:
Wonderful story, this place is full of them! Thank you guys for keeping this site up and running! I love it and it has changed my life. I'm actually losing weight the healthy way!
mictur wrote 95 months ago:
Had tears of joy watching the video. I love MFP.
cuppycake22 wrote 95 months ago:
Great inspiration! Congrats Tamara! As mentioned in previous comments THANKS guys for keeping this site up and running!
pat0419 wrote 95 months ago:
Saw Tamara on the Today Show - that's how I found the site and she's why I joined..
Thank you:)
diet45 wrote 95 months ago:
Loved it!!!
emichan21 wrote 95 months ago:
Mike & Al,

Thank you so much for your site! I found out about it from a friend and since then have gotten 10 other people to join me - including my 89 year old grandmother! It has changed our lives and our eating habits. My sincerest thanks! Amy
PecanSandy wrote 95 months ago:
Thanks to the Today Show, and Tamara, I found out about your site! This is the site I have been wishing for is so perfect to my needs and I feel so blessed...Perfect timing if all the planets lined up at once so I can lose weight, get healthy, and look as amazing as I can, while giving me more mobility and energy to actually enjoy my life! Thank you site!
vhuber wrote 95 months ago:
Super Job Tamara for reaching AND maintaining your goal! Thank you Mike and AJ for this awesome site!!
animatedbecca wrote 95 months ago:
What an inspiration!
WA_Teacher wrote 95 months ago:
Tamara, congrats on reaching your goal!!!! Thanks to you and the Today Show, I found this site.

Thank you!
bnordquist wrote 95 months ago:
Congrats Tamara from me as well. And thank you for mentioning MyFitnessPal on TV. I joined this week also after I saw you on the today show. BTW - I LOVE the iphone app! Great site!!
pniana wrote 95 months ago:
I am so glad to see MFP getting some national coverage. I have read several articles recently that site food diary web sites as a great way to get healthy but they alway mention other sites, not MFP. I have tried some of those other sites and MFP is by far the best one out there. It is easiest to navigate and it doesn't overload our inboxes with annoying emails. Thanks Mike & Al, keep up the great work. Great job Tamara! So much to be proud of!
rigormortis wrote 95 months ago:
Well i was watching the Show.. and immediately run to the computer.. i found that i was registered already.. (bummer) but it made me actually take a deep look to my account and the benefits of using MFP in both my PC and the iphone app. immediately i started using it.. now me and my wife just love it! by now we're tracking everything and with the goals we're trying to reach it is working. this thing really makes you think about all of the food out there that are killing us. Thanks Tamara for all of your effort and goals reached, and thanks MFP for being there for her and for all of us.
timbotina wrote 95 months ago:
Great for her, amazing story just goes to show you , anything is possible, and you don't need expensive things or equipment to do it...just get out there and move....but also, again a lot of credit to MIKE for developing this amazing site and keeping it free for us.....
txladybug41 wrote 95 months ago:
Tamara, you look amazing. Congrats on what you've accomplished. It's great that you are now teaching your children the benefits of eating well and exercising- a gift that will continue to keep them healthy too. You're an inspiration to us all and I'm glad you told the world how wonderul MFP is to us who struggle with weight too. This is one website I came back to again and again and now I'm really sticking to it and have lost almost 10 lbs recently. :)
jeweljade wrote 95 months ago:
You looked so beautiful Tamara!! Congrats to you =)
cparter wrote 95 months ago:
Awesome video testamony. It would be neat if I or some of the other success stories get recommended and go on to tell about their journey. Although I will not meet my goal weight until next year and run my first full marathon next March. I will definitely give this site props and anyone else who have learned from this social network should do the same.
atplay24 wrote 95 months ago:
yep it was the Today show segment that got me here and all I can do is talk to people about this site, and invite friends cause we all wanted it but didn't know it existed.
VAbreeze wrote 94 months ago:
Tamara is the reason I joined this site. I saw her on the Today show (which I don't usually watch!) ... she mentioned the site...& now I'm a part of something good
katyncal wrote 94 months ago:
this is a great site. it is changeing my life
EileenB42 wrote 94 months ago:
I'm ddicted to this site. Its user friendly and has helped me so much! and Tamara is such a inspiration
LettyM62 wrote 94 months ago:
Congratulations Tamara, you are an inspiration to many! Thank you Tamara....and thank you MFP for being there for all of us.
mumzeej wrote 94 months ago:
I was watching the show online and heard her mention this site.... that is also why I am here... good luck to all of you!
tplouffe wrote 94 months ago:
Because of you I joined today!
staceyrreed wrote 94 months ago:
I saw Tamera on the today show today on msn and that's what brought me here! Thank you Tamera!
familygirl37167 wrote 94 months ago:
Thanks everyone for your support... It was a real treat and we had a blast..friend me if you would like I will try to help each and everyone of you who needs a hand.. Have an awesome day...because we choose what mood we are in.. Tamara
KeriA wrote 94 months ago:
I didn't see the show but read about it and was grateful to find this site. I was getting more exercise but I think I needed to have a way of tracking food. I love it. Thanks!
Sammy_k715 wrote 94 months ago:
Congradulations Tamara...I'm happy for you girl =]
MelodiV2010 wrote 94 months ago:
I did see this show and Tamara is the reason I am now a member! I have been amazed with this site. It has truly given me insight into what I eat and just how unhealthy some foods are and just not realizing it until now. Thank you all!!
StacySkinny wrote 94 months ago:
Tamera, I'm so proud of you, sweetie! That's awesome! I've been a fan of the Joy Fit Club for a while now because it's given me some great inspiration and motivation! It's so good to see a MFP member gracing the show! If she can do it, we ALL can do it! :D
barbarella wrote 94 months ago:
Wooo Girl! What an incredible story.... gives me goosebumps! You're a real inspiration to so many. Keep up the AWEsome work to help others now that you've gone through this journey to regain your health. You're going to keep on going.... higher & higher! :-)
MonicaElaine wrote 94 months ago:
Thank you for your story Tamara it motivated me so much and after watching your story 3 times I went and joined. I have lost 5 pounds and 9 inches! :-) Thanks for giving me the push I needed and the tools to stay on track.
MandeePrimo wrote 94 months ago:
I became soo motivated when I saw the Today show piece! I have the exact amount of weight to lose as you did Tamara. I have often convinced myself it was an impossible thing to do but I have worked at being consistent with the food diary and thankfully have a consistent exercise regimine present itself. Thanks for having the courage to pursue your dream and sharing your story with us. I felt you should know you stirred up the dream in my heart of a life of wellness and fitness. Thank you, as well to Mike and Al...I would not have worked at this if your sight was not available. Many, Many thanks and God Bless!
MsElphaba wrote 94 months ago:
Awesome story and what a transformation!! Tamara is truly an inspiration. My only "beef" with the story was calling MFP a "diet plan." It isn't. I view it at as guide for a lifestyle change. Diets end and I think just about every person on this site realizes they are making changes in how they eat and exercise for life.

Once again, though, congrats to Tamara and thank you Mike for an incredible site. You deserve a Nobel Prize for this!
Phoenix_Rising wrote 94 months ago:
What a great piece! I had to go check it out. Congrats Tamara!!! (I'm envious of your 11m 5d weight loss. THAT is determination!!!)
Karmacki wrote 94 months ago:
Way to go Tamara!!!
maryslk wrote 94 months ago:
Fantastic achievement.She has given me inspiration.Im so glad a friend told me about this site.Wish I had heard of it months ago!!
Rivalee wrote 93 months ago:
What a beautiful transformation!
Shawna_831 wrote 93 months ago:
I love it! I honestly LOVE MFP and I have pushed this site to everyone. I'm getting healthy and having fun at the same time. Check my Facebook and all my post are all about MFP! Love you MFP!
nursmem wrote 93 months ago:
Tamara, you look wonderful and are such an inspiration! Thanks so much for having the courage to share. I love MFP, too!

dmjones0608 wrote 93 months ago:
Tamara, What a inspiration you have had on so many people including myself. Just when some people feel like they cant do it or dont have the time or money you showed them that they can. You have inspirated me not to give up and countine to do everything im doing. I love MFP, its great to finally have away to loose weight without forking out alot of money.. :) Thanks for sharing your story !!!
lorifrost1 wrote 93 months ago:
Way to go, Tamara! I was crying for you... just SO incredibly happy for you. Joined earlier this morning and I'm excited to start tracking my goals more seriously-- especially food and water. :) Thanks for the great tools on this website! Here's to a healthier "us." :)
LIZB0505 wrote 86 months ago:
What an amazing story. It's soo wonderful what myfitnesspal can help you do! Thank you!!! Way to goooo Tamara you look amazing! I am trying to get in your shoes! :)
kareniniowa wrote 49 months ago:
Does anyone know Tamara's user name on MFP? I'd love to add her as a friend but can't find her?

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